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Her & Him

A lone soul wanders in a dark, dangerous, barren world, wishing he could hold his love in his arms. Am I talking about 2020? Well, almost. I’m actually referring to Him & Her, a puzzle platformer developed by Game Nacional and published by QUByte Interactive. The game’s website describes it as a “moody” and “thought-provoking experience” in which the player “must find a path to their significant other by defying gravity.”

In this minimalist puzzler, players control Him as they navigate abstract landscapes to find Her, thereby solving the level. Him has a very basic repertoire of moves – walking left or right, jumping, and pulling levers. Using these, Him must avoid the game’s main dangers, which take the form of spikes, swinging blocks, and falling into oblivion. As Him walks over the edge of the landscape, gravity shifts with him, and the entire puzzle reorients to his new position. However, if he jumps off the edge of the landscape, gravity does not shift, and if nothing is beneath for Him to land on, he will perish.

Him & Her screenshot


Him & Her does a great job of starting players off with simple challenges.

New mechanics are introduced gradually, and the difficulty ramps up in a way that feels very fair and accessible. Players can also zoom out for a full view of the level, as well as the stark, slightly pastel goth-esque graphics. The music is calming but (as with all puzzle games) inevitably becomes grating after it loops for 20 minutes or so. Fortunately, Game Nacional kindly included a settings option to mute it.

Him & Her screenshot

Him & Her boasts “68 Challenges across all Difficulty Levels.” What this actually means is that the game has 34 levels, and players can choose to do the Easy or Hard version of each level. I completed all 34 Easy levels in roughly an hour. The Hard levels are exactly the same as the Easy levels, but without the ability to zoom out to view the entire puzzle. This does indeed make the challenge significantly harder, as it forces the player to resort to countless blind jumps and other guesswork.

My preference would have been for the game to include additional levels that were more challenging based on the merits of the puzzles themselves rather than making the existing levels more difficult by handicapping the player. However, because Him & Her‘s full retail price is only $0.99/£0.89, it’s difficult to critique it too much for lacking in content.



Final Words:

Him & Her is a fun choice for Hot Topic kids and anyone else looking for a short, cheap distraction. The gameplay and visuals work well but won’t blow you away leaving a lasting mark but for the price who cares? Give it a try.


star 7

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Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 11/06/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Puzzle, Platformer
Developer: Game Nacional
Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Website: www.qubyteinteractive.com
Twitter: @qubytegames
Download link: eShop

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