Must Play Collection: PlayStation 4


In defiance of buying a next-gen console, you’ve decided to go for a PlayStation 4 in its twilight years, and why not? There’s a heap of quality titles that are PlayStation exclusives you won’t find anywhere else – hence the name.

So, what titles do you go for? The exclusives are exactly that and a must, mostly, but there are a few other titles worth looking at too. The list below is just a selection of some of the great titles out there, and yes, there will be big names missing – not because they’re bad, but this is a list of 10.

Red Dead Redemption 2, Uncharted 4: A Thieves End and My Name Is Mayo will not feature. This is merely a suggestion.




Dark Souls is the definitive Dark Souls game (ha!), but if From Software to up their game just a tad more, then the result would be Bloodborne. This handsome reviewer picked it up on launch as he had 100% confidence in the title. 

At the time, so many people hated it as they found the initial area to be too difficult. Fellow Dark Souls sadists flicked this frustration away, as that was to be expected. Some years down the line and more and more people look back and say this was a true classic. But I’ll play that card and say I liked it well before then. Does that make me cool? Probably not.




One of the best games on the PS3 came to PS4 with a new character Rin. Much like the hardcore puzzling and questions with infidelity that came with the first one you now have this third person thrown into the menage a trois to complicate things further.

Not the best puzzle game in the world, but through in some excellent storytelling, adult themes and sombre soundtracks, and this will make any potential cheat cherish their testicles (if you still have them). Has a Persona 5 flavour, but in style only – this ain’t no RPG.



Detroit Become Human

A mixed bag, but if you’re a fan of interactive movies with previous titles such as Heavy Rain, or just a fan of Clancy “I know his name” Brown, then take a look at this non-exclusive, which plays out marvellous on the PS4.

If you’re not a fan of cyborgs, Lance Henriksen makes an appearance in the game, giving an insight into what it’s like to be human. I’ve read about it in a book once, and I think it’s overrated.



God of War

We all know that beards are cool, and in this instalment, Kratos defines the alpha male and depicts just how easy it is to carry a tree trunk in one arm. Unlike the previous titles, the focus is still on the action, but there’s an overhaul on the story, telling a father and son story.

But don’t worry if that sounds boring – there’s plenty of fighting going on, Norse mythology instead of the Greeks and has one of the most epic battles you’ll have seen.




One for the family perhaps or even your non-gamer significant other. Little Big Planet 3 is a delight to play, with some wicked, and sometimes unfair puzzle adventures, a fantastic level editor and cute lil’ customisations for your sack. Boy.

Have fun with friends, or fall out with them in an alarmingly swift time when they don’t keep up with your run, this is a fun multiplayer that appeals to all.



Spider Man

You don’t have to be a comic book fan to appreciate Spidey, and this is by far his best outing – there’s been a fair amount of games featuring the web-slinger, but this is something else.

Until we get our next fix with the PS5, this adventure is a must – with a pretty decent story, lots of enjoyable side quests, and more Spider-Man costumes that you can shake a stick at. Or spider.



Metal Gear

Whether you like Hideo Kojima or not, this instalment of the Snake is one of the best. I’m a bit fan of Metal Gear Solid, and that was my favourite until Quiet came along and cleared a nation for me.

Brilliant gameplay, lots of ways to play and lots of self-indulgent movie references, this is arguably one of the best titles out there unless you HATE Snake and his misadventures.



Ni No Kuni

I’m not going to hate on this, but the first title was my favourite of the two. Still, Ni No Kuni II whacks up the depth by adding battles and resource management to an already excellent RPG.

There’s plenty of characters along the way to meet and greet, spells, goodies – you name it, and it’s not going to be finished in a few days – this is a big game.




If you miss the old days of Onimusha or just want another variety of Dark Souls set in feudal Japan, then look no further than Nioh. A third-person action RPG with so many playstyles on offer, this will keep you busy for a long time, and no matter how much you level up, it’s never a cakewalk.

Ensure you have a good internet connection to rope in other players to help you with guardians, and ensure your room is padded out to prevent any mishaps of throwing the controls. This is a tough game.



Shadow of the Colossus

Not a brand spanking new title, but if you’re new to gaming or fresh out of school, you might have missed this. I’m an oldie, but I skipped it and clearly missed out.

The only enemies in the game are huge titan-like beings you have to scale and defeat to rescue your sister from death, all to the tune of gorgeous vistas in sharp HD technology.


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