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Epic Adventure 2

As much as we all love the excitement and thrills modern-day gaming can bring with its range of exhilarating adventures, loud and proud gunfights, pant browning scares and true to life simulators, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and enjoy something a bit more relaxing and old school, let’s say, a word search?


The humble word search has entertained folks for decades, originally published in 1968, the Word Search became an instant hit, at the time it was the ultimate pick up and play experience as it soon began featuring in every newspaper and magazine you could think of. The premise is simple enough for anyone to play, within a grid there are a number of jumbled letters, within this jumble are a series of words that you must find. The game can be tailored to any topic from Nature, Science, Cars, Actors, Musicians, Moustache Types, Goat Breeds and so on.

Now word search fans can rejoice as Lightwood Games have released Epic Word Search Collection 2 on Nintendo Switch, and Epic is just the right word for it. Featuring four core choices of topics:


Epic American Word Search – Features all things that make the Americas great from Presidents and Leading Ladies, States, Food, Culture and so on.

Epic Monster Word Search – Featuring all things that go bump in the night from Spooky Creatures, Gruesome Gore and generally a sense of being grabbed by the ghoulies.

Epic Rock Word Search – Featuring names of classic and popular rock and metal bands, instruments and even rhythm types.

Epic Summer Word Search – Featuring everything you’d associate with the summertime.




There is a good selection on offer but it gets better!

Remember that word Epic, the one annoying stoner kids use to describe a McFlurry, well that really is the order of the day here. Each Word Search will give you multiple topics within each category on a four by four grid featuring over fifteen hundred words to find! That’s right, no ten or twenty-word small fry efforts here, this is hardcore word searching.

I started with the Epic Rock Word Search and at first thought Judas Priest! what in the name of Gene Simmons codpiece is going on here! At first, it was almost overwhelming with the number of words on display and the particular layout of having to scroll through a grid of words with changing topics. However, this was soon made a lot easier to manage as the interface is very well set up.




On the left, you will have your main search box for finding the words, to the right will be the list of words you need to find with a control layout just below that. Fortunately, with the search area being so large and featuring sixteen different topics, ease of use has been considered. The Box that will show you what words you are looking for will only feature words that can be found or are partially within the area you can see on-screen and if you are really struggling you can tap the Y button to get a hint for where a word starts.

Each grid area is also colour coded so if you have band names showing in a burgundy font the topics to each side will feature different colours to let you know when you are leaving that category and as far as I saw, topics do no cross over into each others grid allowing you to tackle sections at your leisure before moving on. It would have been nice to have a quickfire mode that randomly generates a specified size word search just for a bit more variation in contained gameplay but I appreciate what the team are going for here.



With a click of the X Button.

You can take a look at a grid overview and see the completion progress for each section by amount of words required and a completion percentage rating.

Within minutes I was addicted and enjoyed the wide range of band names on offer to begin with from cock rock legends to heavy hitters but I must confess, consciously spending time looking for Nickleback was about as exciting as scrolling through Netflix looking for a good Nicolas Cage movie to watch and that is all before I move onto the other categories within this Topic then venturing into Horror and beyond.


Obviously, you are not going to find all the words in one sitting so you can save your progress at any time and return later or even if you want a break from Americana and want to swap to Summertime fun, go right ahead. The interface is clear and colourful and I had a particular preference to playing in handheld due to the touchscreen support allowing me to just draw my finger across the word, though the regular controls are simple and easy to use.

Move your cursor over the letter you want to start with, tap and hold A then move the slider across, probably obvious as there aren’t many ways to do a word search but it works fine and wasn’t hampered with sluggish or oversensitive movement. The only thing that seemed slightly out of place was the music score, whether I was searching for Slipknot, Dracula or Obama I was doing so to the sound of something out of Ludwig Van Beethovens playbook, this was not a real issue but just felt odd that they didn’t try to theme the music around the category but its easy enough to just fire up a playlist on Spotify while sitting on the bog and swing your heavy metal hear to the sound of Britney Spears while searching for Pasadena, or os that just me?


Final Words:

Epic Word Search Collection 2 is not a game title I want to have to write too many more times so I am going to wrap it up here, if you are a fan of Word Searches and fancy getting plenty of bang for your buck (£6.99 or $7.99) with content and hours of playtime then look no further. If word games aren’t your bag, well, don’t buy it. But I love what Lightwood games have brought to the table with a timeless classic and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Pick up and play fun for a bargain price.



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nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo, PlayStation
Release Date: 24/07/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Puzzle, Board Game
Developer: Lightwood Games
Publisher: Lightwood Games
Website: www.lightwoodgames.com
Twitter: @lightwoodgames
Download link: eShop

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