TY: The Tasmanian Tiger HD – Coming to PlayStation4, July 25


Krome Studios is proud to announce that their award-winning game, TY: The Tasmanian Tiger, is coming to PlayStation4 systems, July 25, 2020. 

Return to your favourite Aussie mates with this nostalgic re-mastering of the platformer-genre classic.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger started out as a PS2 Project,” says Lindsay Parmenter, Studio Director at Krome Studios. “We’re excited to be bringing TY back to the PlayStation platform.” Now you can measure your progress against your friends with trophies and leaderboards on your quest for the new Platinum trophy.

ty the tasmanian tiger screenshot

Join TY on a ripper of an adventure to collect the 5 mystical talismans to free his family from the “dreaming” and stop the evil genius cassowary, Boss Cass. To help you on your quest, you’ve got a beaut of an arsenal complete with boomerangs, sharp teeth, and the help of a few friends!

Immerse yourself exploring 17 levels of iconic Australian Outback. Use 13 different boomerangs including the Frostyrang, Flamerang and powerful Doomerang, to knock out enemies and complete missions. With improved graphics, including updated shadows, reflections, HD resolutions and 60 FPS smoothness, you’ll be drenched in Aussie-ness.

ty the tasmanian tiger HD remake sunny coast

TY the Tasmanian Tiger is Krome Studios’ charming Australiana-themed video game that debuted in 2002 for PlayStation®2 systems, Nintendo GameCube™, and Xbox™. Krome Studios was a finalist of the Australian Game DeveloperAssociation annual awards with BestHandheld Game, Best Game Audio, and for Outstanding Visual Arts. Thanks to the incredible support of the TY fan community, TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD was made possible through a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign last year.

Steve Stamatiadis, Creative Director shares, “We’re chuffed that nearly 20 years later, TYthe Tasmanian Tiger still has so many people in love with the game and its characters. That’s quite an honour.”


Key Features:

  • Enhanced graphics – Screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO), fully dynamic
    shadows, colour correction and bloom, high definition textures, improved particle
    effects, 60 FPS, 1080p.
  • Improved audio – Audio Director’s cut. Higher quality audio throughout with
    additional audio for boomerangs and cinematics.
  • Improved camera and controls with adjustable settings.
  • Over 35 Trophies, including a Platinum Trophy, plus Speed Run and Time Attack
  • New Gamemode called “Hardcore Mode”.
  • New TY character skins.


PS4 Pro Features

  • Enhanced graphics – like greater draw distances, improved anti-aliasing and
    prettier smoke/dust/steam visual effects as well. You’ll have a ripper of an
    adventure with modernized water reflections and greater detail, all at 60fps.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD will be available as a digital-only release through the
PlayStation™Store. So don’t be a galah – let’s head down under and have a CORKER
of a time!


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