[Review] Elliot Quest – Nintendo Switch


The purpose of my Cheap Thrills series is to discuss low-cost games in a bite-sized format. A sort of first impressions or how it hits the video game palette. You can also listen to my thoughts here.


One Quest to rule them all

I finally got around to purchasing Trials of Mana, and with that came some gold coins. Those gold coins were spent on Elliot Quest, all nine of them. This is a game that was recommended to people that are fans of Zelda and wanted something to play after Breath of the Wild. I’ve no idea how good or bad that recommendation is but we are about to find out in this edition of Cheap Thrills.

NSwitchDS ElliotQuest

I love the logo and the main menu showcases it with a moving forest background but oddly no music. The game begins and we see this simple yet colourful world that would have been a dream to see on the NES. Still no music. We’ve got five heart containers and a bow. I ran into the water and confirmed that we can in fact, not swim. The music kicked in now so it feels more like a video game

I didn’t pay attention during the opening text but we have to find someone. Movement is a bit dramatic and icy feeling. Our arrow doesn’t travel far, you’ve got to be pretty close to the enemy or jump then shoot. Collecting coins has been my main mission. Plenty of pots to break for hearts. Grey gravestones are save points. Baddies are turtles, slimes, and bats. Our first BOSS BATTLE was a King slime that was somewhat satisfying to defeat as we were awarded another heart tank. Defeating multiple enemies will build up your chain gauge which can yield critical hits. I’m humming the music now so that’s a good sign.

NSwitchDS ElliotQuest

It’s a shame the arrow can only shoot left or right, would be very useful to hold down the right trigger and shoot at an upward angle in the way that you can shoot straight upward in Metroid. So far no use for the coins. I’ve found a crystal and the pause menu shows we have a total of eleven to collect. I’ve levelled up and the game seems more interesting. Allocate skill points to strength, wisdom, agility, vitality, and accuracy. It seems we are neutral but can become good or evil as well. 

Traversing areas can be a bit slow, the map will show where you’ve been in block format. Wandering to the far left of the initial area brings us to a map where we can engage in battles with enemies that are less of a battle and more, just an area with goods and enemies. Leave that area and the ‘battle’ is over. Kind of weird.



Time for another Quest

This is a slow-paced game and I’m not particularly enjoying my time. I don’t care for the story and one of the flashbacks called for the player to jump off a cliff. So there’s that. I like that the wind can have an effect on you and push back. 



nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 19/10/2017
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, RPG
Developer: Ansimuz Games
Publisher: PlayEveryWare
Website: www.elliotquest.com
Twitter: @ansimuz
Download link: eShop

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