[Review] Golf With Your Friends – Xbox One


A hole-in-one?

Golf With Your Friends is an insane all-action take on the game of miniaturised golf that will drive you to the brink while donning a massive smile, almost throughout. Developed and published by the masters over at Team17 in conjunction with Backlight Interactive Golf With Your Friends can be found at home on PC and current-gen consoles. But does this simplistic party title get a hole in one or leave you clambering for the nineteenth hole? Let’s tee off!

Golf With Your Friends


The aim of the game is simple and unchanged.

Get the ball around the hole in the least amount of shots possible in order to be victorious. Golf With Your Friends has nine themed courses to make your way through, each introducing unique elements that can equally help or hinder progress. Courses will take you across the globe, from luscious greens to harsh desert wastelands and all the way into out of space – there’s even a Worms themed course. It is safe to assume that if the sales are right we will see future support in the form of DLC packs that expand the experience.


Visually the game is a bit of a dud in all truthfulness but functional.

While the colours are vivid it can be overbearing and garish with background models that are as rough as the Iron Donkey. At least we can say that, thankfully, the ball model holds up as faithful recreation of its real-life counterpart. To add to our woes the audio is equally as terrible with a soundtrack that hints of pumping rock, annoying beats and generic run of the mill backing tracks. All of the songs are terrible and take you away from the gameplay so I implore you to do the right thing and turn it off. The sound effects while generic are more than enough to carry this game.

Golf With Your Friends


It’s all in the gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, Golf With Your Friends comprises of three different game modes – Classic, Hoops or Hockey. There is also an abundance of customisable options before hosting a game such as power-ups and collisions down to the number of shots or time per hole. For the most part, the core gameplay mechanics are sound and although the occasional glitch occurs make no mistake that Golf With Your Friends is a pure delight to play. You begin each hole with the camera positioned slightly behind the ball giving you a view of what’s ahead, no need for fancy player models here.

Use the sticks to aim, add spin or move the camera before finally checking the power bar is set and mashing the button to strike the ball. Some courses can be a little difficult, to damn near impossible, to navigate so the inclusion of a free-roam assist is a welcomed feature. A standard classic round of 18 holes can be completed in around 20 minutes and that is pretty much what the game has to offer.

Golf With Your Friends


Golf With Your Friends doesn’t need to be anything else than what it sets out in its title.

Forget about the dodgy visuals and the terrible audio, set up a game and invite up to 12 people to take to the green and have some old-school fun! This is where Golf With Your Friends excels and will have you playing for hours. With friends tweak the game modes and settings to cause chaos, using power-ups can give you the edge while collisions can end up with a ping pong-like scramble to the bitter end. Sure it becomes frustrating but it’s simplistic and childlike pureness sucks you in much like Overcooked or Totally Reliable Delivery Service.┬áCompleting courses will unlock further customisable options for your ball.



Final Words:

Forget the issues found with Golf With Your Friends and head off to the green for some pure party fun. Playing with friends is essential, even though the game caters for lone players and don’t get too big-headed as one bad hole can have the leaderboard flip before your eyes. Golf With Your Friends becomes an even more attractive proposition given the fact its currently available to download and play via the Game Pass service on Xbox.


star 7

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xboxspacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Xbox
Release Date: 18/05/2020
No. of Players: 1-12
Category: Sports, Sim, Party
Developer: Backlight Interactive
Publisher: Team17
Website: www.team17.com
Twitter: @Team17Ltd
Download link: Microsoft Store

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