You’re Gunna Need a Bigger Xbox – ‘Maneater’ Takes a Bite


There’s something lurking in the water here at TBG HQ, and it isn’t a filthy banana. Nope, Maneater smells blood and is circling our offices ready to take a bite out of the team.

But don’t worry, we’re not talking about an actual shark, we’re talking about the smash hit ShaRkPG that’s taking a huge bite out of the gaming community – Maneater the video game, from TripWire Interactive. Experience what it’s really like to live your life as an apex predator in this exciting open-world RPG where you must eat, explore and evolve.

Thankfully for us, our YouTube contributor Jefferrz has dipped his toe into these shark-infested waters on behalf of Two Beard Gaming, and has lived to tell the tale. So why not head over to our channel right now and tell the kids you’re going fishing. Just don’t forget, you’re going to need a bigger boat!



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