Schwarzenegger Returning as Dutch in New Predator Video Game

When he isn’t cuddling donkeys and small horses on his Instagram page, the world’s most iconic action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger can also be found re-watching his old movies. At least that’s what we’re being told he’s doing as he prepares to return to one of his greatest roles, that of Dutch, the one-man bad enough to stand up to a Yautja in the classic Predator movie.

But Arnie’s decision to revisit Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer after a 33 year absence from the franchise is not just because he’s bored at home during the Corona-quarantine. No. It’s actually more like research as he’s believed to have inked a deal to reprise the role in a top-secret, yet to be named Predator video game.

This won’t be the first time the former Governator has lent his likeness to a video game series, but it will be the first time he’s actually voiced one of his characters. Famously he was not used for the T-800 in the Mortal Kombat series despite high expectations that he would be involved with the project.

There are no other details at press time, but we’re hopeful that we will at some point in the game here Schwarzenegger bellow that world-famous line of “GET TO THE CHOPPER!”, at least once. We’ll have more details when they drop.

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