[Review] The Mims Beginning – Nintendo Switch


In the beginning…

The Mims Beginning is a simulation/god-like strategy indie game developed by Squatting Penguins. The Mims are a funny little group of aliens that are a bit down on their luck and need of a bit of guidance to get back on intergalactic track.


As their Savior, you must assist these creatures to complete levels by achieving production goals from building and developing villages with the Mims. Also do not forget to protect them from other less civilised beings that will attack livestock. Once all the level’s tasks are complete it will end and the game will move onto the next one with completely fresh undeveloped land.

For the most part the player will be navigating a few picture menus to pick what facilities to build or upgrade. All the while it will be vital to gather a banana-like plant for fuel, raise space chickens and earn blue crystals for upgrades. Wait… bananas… chickens… I always told Filthy Banana we were long lost brothers but this is ridiculous! While all the little Mims are off working they will lose energy, but do not worry there is a rechargeable power that can be used to replenish their stamina.


The biggest tip I have for new players is

Blue crystals are scarcer than they should be and you can earn more by selling off adult chickens. The whole process for them to age then the seller ship to travel to the market and return takes a while so that is why I am giving this tip. I got stuck on level two for far too long because I did not realise what exactly one the objectives was asking in regards to collecting blue crystals.



Controls are simplistic

Well, aside from the camera control! as the left analogue stick controls a cursor and the face buttons will interact. There is an option to speed time up and so on like any other typical game of this genre. The camera could have been done a lot better. You can view the level from all around in a 360 degree way and you will need to so see the islands better. All of the trigger and bumper buttons move the camera around and it just does not work as well as it should I felt. Personally, I felt all the menus, fonts and sub-screens were a bit on the smaller side.

I really appreciate the inventive alien race of the Mims. They are not generic or familiar looking to any other aliens that I can recall at least. Another aspect of the visuals I particularly took a liking to was how each level was a unique floating piece of wild flourishing island. The land in front of varying colours of the sky was eye appealing. The only aspect of this title’s department I would have found to be an improvement was larger menus, buttons and fonts. The Mims are light-hearted and a bit wacky in nature so their animation and text help demonstrate it as well.


Audibly, I found the game to be peaceful but rather forgettable; which is not an area a game in this genre should lack in. A player can spend a hefty amount of time on any given level trying to achieve goals so with nothing great to listen to it is a bit disappointing. Perhaps playing this title while relaxing and listening to YouTube videos, podcasts, or music would be a great route to go. The sound effects were good enough but nothing was overachieved with those. My favourite part of the sound was the Mims themselves because their goofy nature was really reinforced via sound effects.



Final Words: 

The Mims Beginning is a delightful bright goofball god-like strategy indie title. It did not matter that I was not a big fan of the genre in the past because Squatting Penguins did a great job creating an imaginative species worthwhile to facilitate. The controls are just a bit clunky mainly due to this type of game being ideal on a PC with a mouse and keyboard. I would easily and happily recommend this game to anyone into the genre and believe it is a solid addition to the Nintendo Switch.



Review code provided

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, Nintendo
Release Date: 24/11/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Simulation
Developer: Squatting Penguins
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Website: www.mimsthegame.com
Twitter: @MimsTheGame
Download link: eShop

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