[Review] Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator – Nintendo Switch


Ever dreamed of being a motorcycle mechanic?

No? Well… ever wanted to play a game where you simulate being a motorcycle mechanic? Sure. Why Not? Well, Pyramid Games has you covered… kinda…


Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator puts you in the shoes of a beginner mechanic. Customers tell you what’s wrong with they’re motorcycle and you take apart the different sections and repair/replace what’s ailing the poor bike. As you complete different objectives, you increase in rank and earn more money to buy licenses to work on other types of bikes, ultimately culminating into you becoming a motorcycle expert.

You also can bid on bikes in auctions to fix up and sell for a profit or keep in your garage. If you do decide to keep a bike, you can take it out on the highway and drive as far as you can before crashing into a vehicle, earning you a little extra cash based on how many kilometres you drive. And… honesty, that’s about it. Being a simulator type game, there’s not much else to it. You just keep repairing bikes, earning money, increasing your rank, and upgrading your shop. Which can be fun.



Now we come to my main gripe

The controls. Navigating the menus to repair the bikes can feel very clunky. I often have had to back out of a menu because I ended up picking the wrong option. And then accidentally ending up in another menu before finally fumbling through to where I actually needed to be. Also, every once in a while, the buttons just kind of quit functioning. I can still rotate the view of the motorcycle, but I can’t navigate the menu at all. Sometimes I can back out and fix it, but there have been times where I had to close the game out and restart entirely.



Final Words:

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator is a very simple game. If you dig time and task management in your games, you’ll like it. Other than the problems with the controls, it’s not a bad game, but I could see the novelty wearing off pretty quickly. I’d say it’s a solid middle ground type of game. At the time of this writing, it’s currently on sale on the eShop for $0.69/£1.06, so you can’t really go wrong at that price.



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nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo
Release Date: 27/01/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Simulation
Developer: Pyramid Games
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Website: www.ultimate-games.com
Twitter: @ULTGames
Download link: eShop

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