[News] Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove – Kickstarter


Welcome back! There’s something new and exciting on the horizon, today we are pleased to announce that Animal Adventures are bringing more cute cat and dog characters to your tabletop roleplaying games. Let’s take a look.



What is Animal Adventure?

Animal Adventures is back with a pawsome new campaign setting for 5e DnD (or any tabletop RPG). Gullet Cove introduces new cat and dog adventurers, new monsters, and three immersive adventures for 1st to 5th level characters.

With 21+ gorgeous pre-assembled miniatures, magical maps, colourful tokens, and a fully illustrated 170+ page sourcebook (plus more to be unlocked), there’s tons of content to sink your teeth into.

unnamed (1)


About the world.

New in town? Well, you’re in a good spot. It’s a friendly sort of place, so long as you’ve got a bit of money in your pocket. Just don’t go upsetting any of the Guilds that run the place. Or exploring the sewers. Or venture up to the old house on the hill.

In fact…maybe it’s not so friendly. Still, smart cats and dogs could make a tidy little fortune here, as long as they tread carefully. If there’s one thing you can say about the people of Gullet Cove, it’s that they like animals. Especially awakened animals—the ones who talk, like us. We fit right in.

Just watch out around the docks. You see things down there at night. Shapes. Shadows. But you look like you can handle yourselves. So, what are you worried about? Welcome to Gullet Cove!


Tell us more!

Since the launch, Animal Adventures has unlocked:

  • Two extra miniatures (for a total of 23—so far!)
    • The Rat King
    • Necromastiff
  • A whole new adventure penned by that guy
  • Two extra maps
  • Additional book content for a new micro-setting; the Isle of Dogs
  • Updated rules for all previously released Dungeons & Doggies miniatures!


If you want to add some animal fun to your D&D and other tabletop favourites then why not head over to Kickstarter and take a closer look at what’s on offer from Animal Adventures. 

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