Xbox Game Pass – Games you might have missed: January Edition


Another month, another great selection of titles added to XBOX GAME PASS! With such a wealth of titles, your friendly neighbourhood bearded gamer’s have once again cherry-picked a selection that you may have missed. This month we have Frozen Wastelands, Fist Fights, Criminal Activities, Rats and even a Goose, let’s take a look.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTAV really needs no introduction, originally released on last-gen in 2013, GTA soon got a port after the release of Xbox One and has been thriving ever since. Rockstars most ambitious GTA title follows the story of three characters whose path’s interlink in a story full of chaos and humour that the series has become famous for. If the impressive story isn’t enough for you, the hugely popular GTA Online is certain to keep you busy pulling off heists with your friends, or just shooting and racing around San Andreas with the thriving community, if you haven’t experienced GTA, now is the time!

Frost Punk

In the harsh environments of a frozen world, you must build a city powered by steam to protect your people from freezing to death. Strategy meets Survival in this stylish RTS from 11 Bit Studios. Tactical skills face challenges, frequently questioning morality and the basic foundation of what we consider an organized society. Here optimization and resource management often clash with empathy and thoughtful decision-making. This one will keep you on your toes.

Tekken 7

Bandai Namco’s long-running Tekken series is here for some good old fashioned beat’em’up action. For those that follow the plot, this picks up shortly after the events of the previous game and focuses on the build-up to a final showdown between Heihachi and Kazuya. For those who don’t follow the plot, expect some of the finest fighting action with heavy combos and elaborately awesome special moves with a roster of memorable characters. Grab a friend or sibling and settle scores the old fashioned way with someone on one multiplayer.

A Plague Tale

One of the stand out titles from 2019 is now available, A Plague Tale follows the story of a young girl and she tries to escape the clutches of the English Army and other hostiles in war-torn France. With her younger brother in tow, she must rely on stealth and quick thinking to save them both and overcome the forces that are ravaging her country. A powerful story not to be missed.

Demons Tilt

Demons Tilt is a retro-inspired 2D video pinball game recapturing the spirit of such PC Engine classics such as Devil’s Crush and Alien Crush. It features huge bosses, bullet-hell, hack & slash elements, and an insane mega-driven chiptune soundtrack. Demons Tilt has a crazy pixel art style rezzed up for modern hardware, this is video pinball impossible to reproduce in real life.

Untitled Goose Game

Every now and then a little indie gem appears out of nowhere and takes the gaming world by storm, Untitled Goose Game is one such, using stealth you must complete a number of tasks set around a quaint English village. Using your Goose abilities you must manipulate objects and people in order to succeed. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Don’t forget if you are new to the world of Xbox One this New Year then GamePass also grants you access to the finest Xbox exclusives including:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Gear of War: The original Trilogy plus Gears 4 & 5

Forza Horizon 4

Recore: Definitive Edtion

The Fable Trilogy

Crackdown 3

Ryse: Son of Rome

Sunset Overdrive

Sea of Thieves

What have you been playing from the fine selection on Game Pass? Anything you think we should take a look at and add to next months list? Get in touch via social media or leave a comment below and let us know!

6 thoughts on “Xbox Game Pass – Games you might have missed: January Edition

Add yours

    1. A good selection of indie games are finding their way onto gamepass. I recently enjoyed moonlighter and creature in the well


      1. Would love to hear your thoughts on moonlighter, as I feel off from the game 😦


      2. I thought it was fun though two very different games fused together. The dungeon crawling was well implemented and had a solid challenge but I actually found myself enjoying the shop running more than anything. Heading back with a bag full of loot to do a bit of wheeling and dealing with the punters was the main hook for me.


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