Anime Spotlight: January 2020


Happy New Year to one and all! Did you make a resolution to watch more anime? What a coincidence–we did, too! But in case you’re having a difficult time deciding what to watch, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Anime Spotlight – a monthly column where the Two Beard Gaming crew shares a few anime we’ve enjoyed, and hopefully, you’ll share a few with us, as well. Fingers crossed we all find something cool and new to watch, and a peppy end credits song will roll. Here’s what we’re digging this month:


Cells at Work

cells at work
Drama unfolds as the anthropomorphized cells of a human body go about their daily tasks. So cute and fun. As a concept, this works fantastically.


Bungo Stray Dogs

bungo stray dogs
The Armed Detective Agency employs gifted individuals to solve crimes too difficult for police, and this puts them at odds with the powerful Mafia. This is a refreshing take on the superpower idea. Bonus: literary Easter eggs everywhere.


Kuroko’s Basketball

The Seirin High basketball team seeks to defeat the uber-talented members of the “Generation of Miracles.” Over-the-top sports anime fun. Plus there’s a dog!




Thanks for joining us for this Anime Spotlight! Leave us a comment to let us know what you’re watching. Until next month, じゃあね!

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