Even More Things You Might Not Know About Your Favourite Christmas Movies


You asked and you shall receive. Back by popular demand, we dig even deeper into Santa’s sack to bring you Even More Things You Might Not Know About Your Favourite Christmas Movies.

Scroll down and enjoy, ya filthy animals.



Remember when Kevin McCallister orders a shit ton of food from room service? Any idea how much all of that actually cost? Well, the combined tab for two chocolate cakes, six chocolate mousses with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream topped with M&Ms, chocolate sprinkles, cherries, nuts, marshmallows, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and bananas, six custard flans, a pastry cart, eight strawberry tarts, and thirty-six chocolate-covered strawberries is … drum roll, please … calculators at the ready … $967 – which is about the same amount of money I spend on take away each month.


4. ELF (JON FAVREAU, 2003)

Will Ferrell might make a pretty good Santa’s helper, but did you know he was actually once employed as a shopping mall Santa? In an interview with Spliced Wire, Ferrell recalled:

“I have some experience playing Santa Claus … Chris Kattan was my elf at this outdoor mall in Pasadena for five weeks, passing out candy canes. It was hilarious because little kids could care less about the elf. They just come right to Santa Claus. So by the second weekend, Kattan had dropped the whole affectation he was doing and was like (Ferrell makes a face of bitter boredom), ‘Santa’s over there, kid.'”

As for the movie itself, well did you know that A Christmas Story‘s own Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) cameos as Ming the Elf? Be careful now Ming, you might put your eye out. Speaking of A Christmas Story 



A Christmas Story is actually based on a book called In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash. Jean Shepherd, the author of the book, both narrated and had a cameo in the movie. It was said though that he was a huge pain in the butt for the director Bob Clark, continuously second-guessing Clark’s decisions and being a general nuisance throughout the production.



This comical vehicle for Arnold Schwarzenegger was inspired by none other than Toy Story. According to producer Chris Columbus, the story of a dad’s insatiable search for the must-have Xmas gift was actually based on his own misadventures trying to get hold of an elusive Buzz Lightyear following the huge success of the Disney movie.



If you ask anyone to describe Dr Seuss’ iconic Grinch character, one of the first things anyone will mention is his green colouration. But if the filmmakers had actually stuck with the original Seuss design the miserable bastard would have actually been black, with bright yellow eyes. It was director Chuck Jones’ decision to turn old Grinchy green, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Which are your favourite Christmas movies? Tell us something about them that we don’t know in the comments section below. Who knows, we might even be able to milk this concept for the 4th time!

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