[Review] Cat Quest II – PC



Cat Quest II is an isometric action role-playing game set in an open world that is split into different regions and offers a fun feline adventure, as you would expect. Each region provides a unique backdrop to the action as the enemies you encounter gradually get higher stats and become harder to beat. The deeper you go into the world the more you can collect and power up your hero.

Full disclosure here I never played the first Cat Quest, but we did review it favourably, and I have since gone back and purchased the original for my Switch to get the complete experience. So back to this game.



Like the first, with added fur

The much-awaited sequel has taken the original formula and added to it in almost every way while keeping the feel of the original. One of the biggest and best additions is the introduction of a co-op style of play. Naturally, you still have the titular cat but in this epic he is partnered with a trusty dog sidekick. The two can be hot-swapped in single player or the whole game can be played with an online partner. Cat Quest II, in my opinion, is perfectly suited to short play bursts and works best by focusing each character on a specific type of magic.

As you progress new magic can be found in the many dungeons of the game but you initially start with basic fire and ice abilities. Combining these elements to maximum effect becomes very important throughout the journey, for instance ice magic slows down enemy characters while fire magic can be used for damage after it is cast. My top tip is not to play the game in the way I did initially, take your time and make sure you go into new areas levelled up otherwise it can be difficult to progress.



The game looks great!

Cat Quest II has a beautiful aesthetic and sticks to it throughout, the overworld is very well designed. The game is just fun to play even down to the puns used to name each area within the regions. Combat is very simple and intuitive, spells are mapped to the top bumpers and triggers, when using a controller, while the sword and staff attacks sit on the face buttons alongside a roll mechanic. The ability to roll and dodge is invaluable if you want to survive and something you need pick up in the first couple of minutes. While in combat if the character you are fighting is about to attack an expanding red circle appears and signals when you should move out of range. You can see that Cat Quest II is a labour of love for the team that developed it and is a joy to play.



Final Words:

All the above combined together with the fantastic art design and the catchy background music make this an excellent package that is easy to recommend if you enjoy action RPGs. While not the deepest of games it keeps you wanting to go back and beat everything the game has to offer. There are little things that stop this getting a higher score such as the depth and scope but if the trend continues for the next offering from the developers that game could score higher.



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genericspacerPlatform: PC
Release Date: 29/09/2019
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Action, RPG
Developer: The Gentlebros
Publisher: PQube Limited
Website: www.thegentlebros.com
Twitter: @pqubegames
Download link: Steam

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