Ghostbusters Afterlife: First Look at the New Trailer

This past weekend we got our first look at some images from the new Ghostbusters Afterlife movie trailer, including Paul Rudd holding a ghost trap, thanks to those fancy folks over at Vanity Fair. Since then we’ve also been given a few morsels about the plot, but so far no mention of any of the original cast members or how they will become entangled in the Afterlife plot. We’re not going to spoil anything for you here, because it’s always nicer to go into a big trailer drop with fresh eyes and spoiler-free brain.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Vanity Fair.png

Joining in on the fun, Ghostbusters Afterlife director Jason Reitman also tweeted a pic of the new poster, which in turn confirmed the movie as being released next summer.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Teaser Poster.png

Well, today we actually got to see the trailer and it’s safe to say we crossed the streams. We crossed the streams real bad. We must have set some kind of record for refreshing our internet page over the last few hours just in the hopes that the trailer would drop early.

You can check it out in its entirety below:


And while you’re here, just for fun, you can also take a peek at the original teaser trailer which dropped a few months ago.


We’ll have more concrete details on the movie as they drop, and be sure to keep ’em peeled for new Two Beard Gaming content looking at the trailer in greater detail in the coming days. Until then though, let us know what you thought of the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer in the comments below. Are you as excited as we are? What was your favourite moment? Which part piqued your interest? Or are you the total opposite and couldn’t care less? We want to hear from you, so make your voice heard.


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