[Review] Yes, Your Grace – PC


There’s a management sim for everything these days

From the reasonably sensible ones like Football Manager and SimCity, right through the somewhat random ones of Street Cleaning Simulator.  This is just my personal view, if you happen to enjoy the obscure ones, then that’s all good!

I’ve been lucky enough to have beta access to a new moral and resource management game from devs Brave at Night and published by No More Robots entitled, Yes, My Grace, which describes itself as a King Simulator.  What this actually boils down to, is finding that extremely fine balance of managing your gold and supplies stock, whilst trying to please your townsfolk. For any veterans of the indie great, Papers Please, this will seem extremely familiar.


You play as King Eryk of Davern and run your kingdom on a weekly basis.  At the start of each week, you’ll find yourself sat on your throne and to the left, will be a queue of people asking for your help, sob stories included most of the time.  Here’s where your moral choices come in, you can help them, or send them on their way. Both choices see you’ll either be revered or have effigies of you burnt in the town square, figuratively speaking. One choice I made was forking over some gold so that a tavern owner could rebuild his drinking hole, which turned out to be a smooth move as he started sharing a turn of the weekly profits. While you’re doing all this, you’ll also have to deal with your darling wife, Aurelea, and your daughters Lorsulia, Asalia and Cedani. For anyone with daughters, you can imagine the squabbling you’ll have to contend with here!


The pixel art style is really in fashion these days

They’ve absolutely nailed it with Yes, My Grace.  The background images appear slightly more detailed than the characters, not a criticism I’ll add. This allows the background to look brilliant, but also not draw focus away from the tasks at hand.  In terms of the audio, this follows the same simplistic view, however they created it well and the tempo will change to match the tone of the scene. Usually, I’d have a separate section for the controls, but you only use the mouse, and only the left mouse button at that. Anyone that’s played a point and click title will feel right at home.


One of the best elements of the gameplay is the moral choices you’ll be faced with. At one point, I was faced with the prospect of fending off an army that I was extremely ill-equipped for. So, I did what any good father did, sold off my daughter’s hand in marriage in exchange for assistance from a neighbouring king. I’m not in a position of spoiling this, but it didn’t end well for me. 



Final Words:

Overall, Yes, My Grace has had an extremely long and disruptive development process, but I’m happy it came to reality, as it’s a thoroughly charming, simple to pick up, but tricky to play title. 



genericspacerPlatform: PC
Release Date: Early 2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Brave At Night
Publisher: No More Robots
Website: www.braveatnight.co.uk
Twitter: @BraveAtNight
Download link: Steam

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