[Review] Rekt! High Octane Stunts – Nintendo Switch


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QubicGames has brought us Rekt!, the second game to pop up on the Nintendo website following Metroid. Shame on you Nintendo. This is the stunt simulator made by Little Chicken Game Company. By the screenshots and gameplay it reminded me of a more open world type of Rocket League, but what drew me in was hearing that it was car skateboarding. What? Let’s dig in and find out more.


Cars and arenas can be purchased

There is a leader board, statistics, and even a code entry area. Red fury is the starting car but others can be found in levels and used after. Three different modes are available including high score, practice, and multiplayer. 500 credits are given to start with an objective of ‘spin and win 1,000’ on the main menu. Before a run begins, three objectives will be shown to attempt and win credits.

Initially gameplay feels odd but it doesn’t take long to get used to the controls. Flipping all around in different ways is fun to try and take control of to land safely. An ongoing score is tallied for stunts performed. Each time you get to a certain amount of points the entire area changes colours in a weird awesome way. Once more and more cars are unlocked you’re obviously keen to check out what you’ve got in stock. Once cars are unveiled from their boxes, they can be both customised and upgraded. I’ll be using the free custom options and saving my Rekt coins to unlock arenas.

The cool part about unlocking cars is it’s based on many overall points you’ve gained from playing. Play more, earn more, unlock more. Each stunt arena shows a high score, challenges completed, and a percentage of how many are done. These prove to be a bit motivational to get back in the game. Challenges serve to be as such because of the time limit of 60 seconds. This will prove difficult in some cases but there are also clocks to collect to add more time. Short plays are good for this game and if they were longer you would get bored quick.


Cars suffer damage with each crash

Every time you fail a stunt the big letters of REKT will appear on screen to punish the player. Worse off cars will not only look bad but will handle terribly and that is awesome. Rekt is not only shouting at you for doing bad but allowing you to endure the hardship you’ve given the car in gameplay. That’s awesome.

A weird downfall is the car will automatically move forward without the player’s assistance. B for brake, A for boost, L for reverse, but gas? Nope! Pedal to the metal at any given moment, which will affect every car differently. The more I play the bigger of a burden this becomes. In the same area of negativity, one must pause the game to reset themselves if their car ends up on their back like a turtle. There is such little time per run this seems silly. Any run will be stopped at the timer regardless of being in the air, about to land a trick to complete your third objective.

Every time I unlock a new car I use it because you may as well. So many cars, so many runs, so little time. Unlocking arenas is easy because each cost 2,000. A lot of games smaller than Rekt tend to overcharge additional levels or whatever they have to unlock, making it a mountain I don’t want to hike. Rekt keeps it clean and easy to get new cars and levels. Very nice.



Final Words:

You won’t believe it but I just unlocked a Zamboni. This game is weird. Although the gameplay isn’t that deep, and its quick runs with similar missions feel repetitive, it’s kind of fun to just drive around flipping the car. I don’t see myself asking friends to play multiplayer with me, but this is a decent game for what it is. For $6 (£5.39) this game isn’t bad but I don’t see myself yearning to return to it.



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nintendospacerPlatform: Mobile, Nintendo
Release Date: 08/11/2019
No. of Players: 1-4
File Size: 156MB
Category: Arcade, Party, Racing
Developer: Little Chicken Game Company
Publisher: QubicGames
Website: www.qubicgames.com
Twitter: @QubicGames
Download link: eShop

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