[Review] Delta Squad – Nintendo Switch


Overlord General Rumanovsky is at it again 

It is up to the Delta Squad to foil the evildoer’s plans. Honestly, the plot of the game is not really important and the biggest attribute of the title is the four-player local co-op play. Of course, if you cannot get that many people to play with you then the title is insanely lacklustre. Do not get me wrong through suppose you happen to get four people together the game would just be lacklustre at best.



War has never been so much fun!

Upon starting the game you can choose between five different levels that almost have no variety to them. After you pick an area you then get to pick which class you want to play ass. The four are infantry, medic, engineer and heavy. Each class uses a different firearm and secondary item. No matter what area you and class you pick the gameplay and missions are exactly the same and that is pretty terrible in my opinion.

The game plays as a top-down twin-stick shooter but you fire with the right trigger. There is also a dodge button even though there is not much to dodge. You work on one mission at a time and given a total of ten in the area if you care to waste that much time. Slow easily avoidable zombies, soldiers with guns, turrets and tanks are the main enemies you will encounter.

When starting an area the player is assigned the task of taking out 25 enemies, which is easy enough. After that missions get obnoxious typically you have to destroy something, BUT there is no waypoint, mini-map, or markers of what those things are so most of the time you will just be walking around aimlessly until you stumble upon it. The zombie and gun enemies never stop spawning so you will just eventually die while trying to find your objective. The worst part of the game is that when you complete a mission you have run around the map trying to find a specific area that triggers a package to fall from the sky that provides you with your next mission. So really forget about trying to just finish your job even more time is thrown out the window simply attempting to start the next one.


There are ten hidden gold coins in each area but I did not care enough to find all of them in any level.  The only other option the game has is a survival mode and that even more boring than the “campaign”.

Delta Squad just feels so lifeless and pointless. The music is bland and all the characters are tiny that there is not much to talk about design really. The graphics are not impressive or unique whatsoever. The game is just shovelware in my humble opinion. The only thing the game has going for it is that it is functionally sound and does not crash or bug out.



Final Words:

Delta Squad, just like its title, is as generic and boring as it gets. Even if I played this game with my three BFFs of all time it would still not impact the overall impression.  I would not recommend this game to anyone unfortunately not even if there was a hefty sale. A cheap indie four-person game I would recommend over this one is Heave-Ho.



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nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo
Release Date: 01/11/2019
No. of Players: 1-4
File Size: 619 MB
Category: Action
Developer: Eskema Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Website: www.ratalaikagames.com
Twitter: @RatalaikaGames
Download link: eShop

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