The Maxx – Channing Tatum Bringing Comic Book Legend Back to Life


In 2019, comic book movie news is so commonplace that it’s sometimes hard to get excited about it. Almost every major license has been milked by Hollywood, so much so that some of us miss the days where our favourite heroes showed up in a low budget indie flick. That’s not to say we don’t love the current state of the comic book movie genre, it’s just that it really can be difficult to surprise us anymore. Or so we thought.

According to those lovely people over at Bloody Disgusting, it would appear that so-90’s it hurts comic book series The Maxx may be making its way back to our screens, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Details are very scant at present, but the current rumour suggests that Channing “Don’t call me Jeff” Tatum and It producer Roy Lee have been shopping the idea of either a TV show or a movie – either of which we’re totally fine with. The Maxx briefly appeared as an animated series on MTV, but sadly didn’t make it beyond 13 episodes.

The Maxx Comic

For those of you still scratching your heads, The Maxx was a comic book by awesome artist/writer Sam Kieth (Judge Dredd30 Days of NightThe Incredible HulkBatman) that straddled two interwoven universes in which a big, burly hobo lived a double-life as a giant, purple-suited superhero. Maxx has one aim in life, to protect his beloved Jungle Queen – who in reality, is actually his social worker, and has no idea about any of this, or how close to death she has come on more than one occasion. It sounds bonkers, it’s not the easiest story to explain succinctly, but it’ll make for one unique viewing experience no matter how it ends up getting made – and we can’t wait.


Come back next week for our Guide to the Universe of The Maxx.

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