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Who you gonna call?

It’s no secret we at TBG are massive fans of the franchise, especially when it comes to the gaming history. Before the re-imagining and the coming soon Jason Reitman follow-up we were treated to the next true instalment via 2009’s video game release. Now thanks to Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games we get to play the epic story once again remastered for current-gen consoles including the Nintendo Switch.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is an immersive action-adventure that continues the storyline of our favourite paranormal investigators two years after the events that unfold in the second movie, surprisingly titled Ghostbusters II. For added authenticity, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd assisted in finalising the epic script while the majority of the original cast provided their likenesses and voice talent. It was a bold move by developers Terminal Reality but after a number of delays and publisher changes the final product offered everything fans could have wished and more. It’s all in there even down to the epic soundtrack, coz bustin’ makes everyone feel good.



Our story follows ‘new recruit’

Simply referred to as the Rookie who joins in the midst of things going south while still very much trying to get to grips with the comical abuse, proton pack operational guides and naturally spooky apparitions. It’s a little disappointingly that Rookie is 100% generic as a character, even down to his middle of the road features but it’s more than likely a product of the time. It would have been excellent if there was an option to custom alter the appearance of your character for the remaster but that would have caused somewhat of a continuity error as the story is told, in part, via pre-rendered cutscenes – so we’ll just have to get over it.


Don’t cross the streams

After a brief opening sequence, you are locked n’ loaded with a new experimental proton pack, with no sight on health and safety regulations, and thrown into the action. The first couple of chapters allow the freedom to get to grips with the controls and basic mechanics. Thankfully everything functions exactly as you would expect, capture ghosts and earn money for doing so. Money can then be traded to upgrade your arsenal making the journey just that little bit easier. There are a number of different attacks that can be used as progress is made, each having a unique advantage in the given situation. Each segment is entwined with some excellent storytelling, missions require you to explore, examine and find hidden clues to solve simple puzzles. Much of the action requires you to take charge of the PKE reader which acts as a compass guiding you towards points of interest. There is a constant visual prompt that becomes annoying quickly and while using the PKE action moves into an FPS camera viewpoint which becomes a little disorientating at times.

The controls are spot on and combat is thrilling. While playing you really get the sense of bustin’ ghosts as you take aim but always cautiously remembering not to cross the streams because that would be bad. Fans of the series will absolutely love this opportunity to once again step into the world of the paranormal. Visually the game holds up well, if a little on the dated side, and the Nintendo Switch makes the perfect home for titles of the last generation reaching a whole new audience on the go. Performance is perfect cleverly using in-game rendered cutscenes to load the next slice of the action.



Ghoulishly good looking

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered looks as ghoulish as it ever has especially in handheld mode. It’s the audio department is where the game really shines thanks to the original cast returning. This creation is simply a continuation of the world we love.

There are a lot of callbacks to the movies in this outing that fans will pick up on, including an encounter with the iconic Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, but telling this chapter in video game format really allows total immersion into the world of the afterlife. We won’t divulge the full story but it’s a chance to explore the universe without the limitations of film, soon you are transported into different dimensions and facing a whole host of nasties. As an experience, it’s an absolute must.



Final Words

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is pure fan service and an epic adventure for newcomers, but we already knew that. The story is of the highest quality and the port is equally. The gameplay holds up surprisingly well although there is not a massive replayability factor once the story is done and dusted but if you enjoyed this the first time around why not play it again until the new movie arrives. This game is an absolute blast and Gozer demands you like it.



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Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 04/10/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, Action
Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: Saber Interactive
Website: www.playghostbusters.com
Twitter: @playGBremaster
Download link: eShop

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