Anime Spotlight: November 2019


Is your anime to-watch list as ridiculously long as ours? If not, let’s remedy that!

Welcome to Anime Spotlight – a new monthly column where the Two Beard Gaming crew shares a few anime we’ve enjoyed, and hopefully, you’ll share a few with us, as well. Fingers crossed we all find something cool and new to watch, and a peppy end credits song will roll.

Here’s what we’re digging this month:


Junji Ito Collection

junji ito

If you’re not quite ready to let the Halloween season go, check out this horror anthology series that adapts several works of legendary mangaka Junji Ito. While his stories are best consumed in manga form, this is still a creepy good time.


Usagi Drop

usagi drop

After Daikichi’s grandfather dies, the family is shocked to learn the old man had a six year old daughter. When no one wants anything to do with little Rin, Daikichi steps up and becomes her guardian. Heartwarmingly sweet without being saccharine.


Yowamushi Pedal


First-year high schooler Onada is a typical otaku, but after witnessing Onada’s hill climbing skills, the bike racing club recruits him to their team. WAY TOO MUCH screen time is given to villain Midousuji, but this is still a great sports anime.




Thanks for joining us for Anime Spotlight! Leave us a comment to let us know what you’re watching. Until next month, じゃあね!

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