Pumpkin Rapper – Halloween’s Forgotten Horror


Can we all please take a moment to appreciate one of the Halloween season’s most underrated villains, Pumpkin Rapper?.

Appearing for the first time in the episode ‘Trick or Treat’, this criminally forgotten foe of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers consisted of a giant pumpkin head on a humanoid body. He commanded an army – more like a small collection – of Putty’s who also have pumpkin bonces, and had weird and wonderful powers like being able to shoot pink lasers from his eyes and extending his impressive testicles … sorry, that should have read tentacles, that he uses as a whip in battle.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pumpkin Rapper.png

Exactly why the Power Rangers decided to wake Pumpkin Rapper from his slumbers in the pumpkin patch escapes us, but whatever the reason an ill-advised attempt at rapping was enough to unleash his unique brand of fury upon the Earth.

But fear not, he’ll show you how it’s really done. Right before he kills you.

Power Rangers was known for its eclectic mix of unusual villains, but Pumpkin Rapper is the most bizarre by far, the creation of a mind contorted by the corruptive powers of pumpkin spice everything that grips us all every Autumn like some kind of Hipster smack.

Pumpkin Rapper isn’t just overlooked in the history of the Mighty Morphon Power Rangers TV show, he’s also fallen by the wayside as far as Halloween villains go, and we’re here to make sure MC Hammer of the fruit world is never ever forgotten again.

Check out the video below to see Pumpkin Rapper spitting some rhymes like the second coming of MC Hammer.


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