Halloween Havoc! – Wrestling’s Scariest Stars


Over the years there have been many, and we mean many, scary people enter the squared circle to cause havoc on their opponents and send shivers down the spines of fans the world over. Let’s now take a look at some of the scariest to ever grace our screens!




Unquestionably the greatest ‘gimmick’ in the history of the sport we all know and love, The Undertaker continues to defy age and still spook fans young and old. His entrance is still spine-tingling and seeing him stare a hole through his opponents is a sight no fan will ever forget. From his look, in-ring style, interviews and even ring attire, this legendary future Hall of Famer will always be the measuring stick when it comes to true scares!




So this character, incredibly portrayed by the timeless Dustin Rhodes, will go down as one of the scariest but not just for the visual he has given us over the years. Upon his initial foray into the WWE, the character was certainly ‘Controversial’ for lack of a better term. If you go back and watch Goldust from late 1995 to later 1996, some of his antics were definitely Scary. If you have never seen any of his work from that time, look it up on the WWE Network and you will understand where we are going with this!




One of the wildest and most revered stars of all time, this crazy man was feared the world over and with good reason. His look and demeanour alone would be enough to make Hannibal Lecter wet his pants. In the ring, he had a style that struck fear into everyone around him and even fans to this day speak of the danger he brought with him to the ring. Check out the excellent documentary on his career now on Vice for more. You will not be disappointed!




The more terrifying of Mick Foleys various Alter Egos, Mankind was a breath of fresh, no scary, air into the WWE in 1996 and left a legacy behind that will never be forgotten. Thrust immediately into a lengthy issue with The Undertaker, the matches and vignettes were groundbreaking and scary would be an understatement. All of this and more can be enjoyed now on the WWE Network. This, in this writers eyes, was Foley at his creative best and still holds up well against anything you will see today in the current wrestling climate.




Chilling! That could be the word best described for this Hall of Famer. His in-ring style definitely had an old school horror feel to it, but that is not why we are including him here. The countless promos, interviews and vignettes will forever be the reason why this icon will always be considered as one of the true, scary stars to ever enter the ring. To this day you will struggle to find anyone who truly delivers a scary sentence than this man. Are you listening and taking notes Mr Wyatt!?!?




Homicidal. Suicidal. Genocidal. Three words have never suited an individual more than Sabu. For someone who will never receive the credit he so richly deserves for what he has done and given to professional wrestling, the way he would recklessly fly in and out of the ring was indeed scary, scary and scary. Never before or since has anyone used their body to create Art in the ring to the standard he set, his scary style is often duplicated but will never be replicated.


Happy Halloween grapple fans. If the lights in your home suddenly go out room by room, we would wager some creepy fellow in a scary mask with a lantern may be behind you. Run!!!

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