Haunting Music in Games


When it comes to the Halloween season, we’re all about the things that give us the heebie-jeebies and music is no exception. Over the years music has played a huge part in gaming and has helped elevate terror or set the tone for some of our favourite titles. TBG has put together a selection of some of the best Haunting music and songs from video games for your listening pleasure, enjoy!


Halo: Combat Evolved – The Flood Theme

The first half of Halo set players up for the fall, allowing them to become comfortable with taking on the covenant then suddenly the flood arrives. Swarming in huge numbers you are immediately on the backfoot against this disturbing foe as the music reaches new peaks to drive the notion that you are pretty much f**ked at this point.


Resident Evil 2: Remake – Mr X

RE2 is arguably the best example of a remake to date, Capcom gave fans what they wanted while finding new ways to scare them. Mr X is a prime example as he stalks you through the majority of the game, if his loud footsteps aren’t enough, his accompanying theme tune will make tensions rise even higher.


Dishonoured – Drunken Whaler

Dishonored’s setting of a city plagued with crime and disease is brought to life perfectly by this chilling cover of Drunken Whaler. As the light and solum intro leads to the deep forboding progression of the track, the song accompanies the game perfectly.


Alien Isolation – Alien Reveal

Let’s face it, Alien Isolation could have been a silent game and it would still scare the crap out of everyone. But if being chased by the Alien wasn’t bad enough, this music drove the terror even higher.

Resident Evil 7 – Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Resident Evil 7 was a new shift for the franchise so it was only apropos that all elements of the production cranked it up a notch. Go Tell Aunt Rhody accompanied the trailer and end credits providing a deep and haunting vibe to this new entry of evil.


Bloodborne – The Cleric Beast

Bloodborne is not for the faint of heart, as such the first “Boss” encounter serves as a proving ground for gamers. If you struggle too much to overcome this gigantic creature then this game probably isn’t for you. The music, of course, provides the perfect background for this battle of survival.


The Evil Within 2 – Ordinary World

The Evil Within 2 improved on just about every aspect of the first game, once again we follow Sebastian into a world of nightmares, this time to rescue his daughter. The game launched with this moody and powerful cover of Ordinary World, which sum’s up Sebastian’s journey perfectly.


Silent Hill – My Heaven

So what could be worse than being stuck in Silent Hill? Having this music play every time you encounter a new monstrosity. This theme alone is proof of why Silent Hill is regarded as one of the top survival horror franchises of all time.


Dead Space – Necromorphs Attack

Dead Space may share DNA with everything from Resident Evil to Event Horizon but that doesn’t stop it from being a trouser browning scare-fest. The claustrophobic environments become even more chilling when Necromorphs attack to the sound of this heart-racing music.


And there you have it, a selection of spine-tingling themes from the gaming world. What did you think of our list? any new favourites to add to your playlist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media.

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