[Review] Glaive: Brick Breaker – Nintendo Switch


Arkanoid fans looking to scratch that itch here is your solution. This is catered to a specific crowd and if you’re too young to know the origin, it’s using a paddle to bounce a ball into bricks. Sounds simple right? That’s because it is.


It’s all in the audio

Let’s start with what carries this game through 125 arcade levels, the music. It’s pretty darn decent and catchy. Some can come off as a bit over the top but what’s a repetitious game without some dramatic music? Probably shovelware. The tunes remind me of the days I would stupidly walk into Abercrombie thinking I could afford anything there. Pulsing upbeat music is it’s only unique feature. It’s a surprising highlight that helps keep the game moving.

125 levels sounds like way too many and that is true because of some trips in gameplay. A meter is the bottom corner fills with each bounce your ball has on any brick and once full, a fast forward action can occur. Press the special, the floor is blocked, and the ball flies all over the place. I found the ball getting stuck while using the special a few times. Another similar issue is the ball stuck in a limbo that would last fifteen to thirty seconds or more.

Picture the ball bouncing on four surfaces repeatedly. It gets old QUICK. A third issue I had was inconsistent bounces off my paddle. Traditionally the edges of the paddle can be thought of as angles and can be used to aim the ball. That works sometimes, other times the ball keeps heading in the same direction it came from. All these issues dull what simple play is offered and Brick Breaker suffers as a result.


We’re in glaive danger

Power-ups are dropped but I beat arcade mode without bothering to memorise a lot of them. They help and impede in various ways but if you’re decent, the bad ones won’t be a bother. Positive power-ups may increase paddle size while negative may decrease it. One speeds the pace while another slows. You get the idea.

Traditional levels have stacks of bricks that take the entire gaming spaces. These levels work and hit the nostalgia feels in a good way. This is the game and that’s it. BUT, new wave levels offer less interesting gameplay and had me waiting for the level to be over. Unbreakable bricks set in ways that create shapes are the obstacles that are usually randomly surpassed without skill. Cross your fingers that the ball bounces off the correct angle and into the entrance and eventually break the three-hit (or more) black bricks. Use the special to speed up the process through these awful areas.



Final Words

A simple concept game that will appease Arkanoid fans for the time being. There are other game modes but having played for over four hours, I’m good on them for a while. Level design and ball movement are the biggest downfalls and for a game so simple in nature, those are deep flaws. I don’t think people will be playing Glaive: Brick Breaker as much as I have so they will enjoy a game every now and then, as it should be played.



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Platform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 26/04/2018
No. of Players: 1-2
File Size: 227 MB
Category: Arcade, Puzzle, Action, Other
Publisher: Blue Sunset Games
Website: www.bluesunsetgames.com
Twitter: @BlueSunsetGames
Download link: eShop

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