10 SNES Games we need on Nintendo Switch Online


With the recent news about the big N finally making progress on bringing SNES games to the Nintendo Switch Online platform, at least by way of a pattern filing, we thought it the perfect time to take a delve into the excellent back catalogue on offer. Today we take a look at the hot picks for the forthcoming release.


Super Mario World


Super Mario World took all that was good with Super Mario Bros. 3 and added to it in every way imaginable. We’ve talked about our love for it many times before including our Mario Day celebration so deservedly it gets a place on our list.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


This SNES release of the already popular franchise added the visual and soundtrack we deserve while expanding on everything we love. The RPG element mixed with great storytelling, pacing and action simply make this a must-have on any format possible.


Street Fighter 2: Turbo


In a time when Capcom was still churning out fresh, kind of, ideas this sequel took the original concept and turned things up to eleven. If Street Fighter 2 makes the roster we can finally decide who is better, Ryu or Ken… we all agree its Ken right?


Super Metroid


It was like Metroid just a lot more super, so not just a clever name! With the influx of Metroidvania clones, it seems fitting to add this to our picks. As for the game itself, it was the perfect example of precise execution and timing.


Donkey Kong Country


Rare grasped the Donkey Kong franchise by the balls and, at the time, added a take on photorealistic visuals mixed with fun gameplay and a flawless soundtrack. Gameplay was a little rigid at times but this addition would be the perfect inclusion to sit alongside Tropical Freeze.


Star Fox


Making the most of the FX chip Star Fox was a step into the future with slick 3D graphics and a decent campaign mode. Looking back on it, the framerate was shocking and the controls overly fiddly but get over these niggles and you have yourself a reasonable sci-fi blockbuster with great characters.


Secret of Mana


Want a decent RPG? well look no further, Square have created an all-time classic with the Secret of Mana. This entry in the series would make a great addition to the SNES NSO initial line-up and keep you entertained for hours.


Super Mario Kart


Every great series has to start somewhere and Super Mario Kart on the SENS is a perfect example of that. It was fun in single-player and even better with friends. With a decent selection of modes, characters and power-ups this is an obvious choice.




Another RPG that makes our lineup and rightly so, Earthbound is the stuff of legends. With its extended development period, it naturally deserves a place in our initial list because of the dedication involved. Please, just please.


Zombies Ate My Neighbors


This action platformer with added zombies hit the spot offering the perfect mix of action and item collection. It is simply a must.


Well, that’s our initial thoughts but what did you expect? anything different, leave us a comment in the section below, on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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