[Review] Streets of Rogue – Nintendo Switch


Matt Dabrowski teams up with publisher TinyBuild Games to bring Streets of Rogue to a console near you, namely the Nintendo Switch. Randomly generated cities are overflowing with criminals and require a group of customizable vigilantes to wipe away the corruption that has taken hold like a disease. With a heavy focus on playing the game the way you want it’s time for us to see if this offering is tough enough for the job.


The game boots up flashing the logo right in your face, it will look familiar if you have played the excellent Streets of Rage but this package is pure Gungeon spliced with Grand Theft Auto and a side of The Escapists in the visual department. Loading is relatively quick and after a smart tutorial, you are good to go with this great adventure. The story is by the by, it’s an interesting concept but we’re all here to find out about the action and fans of the odd roguelike or two will not be disappointed. The gameplay style borrows heavily from the best in the genre but expertly expands on the core framework that made us fall in love with it.

With the tutorial done and dusted you are free to investigate and explore the basecamp. It provides a quick and simple way to access a plethora of in-game options. Home to Mutations, Loadouts, Co-op, Perks along with the choice to actually start the game. Perfect! You know what, it’s the simple quality of life additions like this that instantly elevate a game to the next level and shows that the developer was passionate about their vision. With this all sorted it’s time to set off on the next run.


Gameplay is electric, a no holds barred slugfest, throwing you straight into the action. This generally tends to be followed by some instant and untimely deaths for the player so don’t expect to complete it on your first run. With around twenty playable characters it’s all about finding the best fit, collecting upgrades and unlocking perks. After twenty plus hours of playtime on the clock, we still hadn’t fully experienced all that Streets of Rouge had to offer. The sub-menu is linked to the face buttons which brings up an overview map but is also home to the objectives you currently have been tasked with. It highlights other key areas of interest on the map such as optional missions, shops and everything in-between. It is an invaluable tool on the road to success. 

Missions range from the basic hunt and destroy/collect/return style objective to the slightly more out there involving ghosts, killer robots or simply drinking a brew. Most will take no longer than a few minutes to clear but with so many unpredictable factors at play it’s always going to be a unique journey. On a number of occasions, the stealth option seemed the most logical route and in a way, it’s fun to at least attempt to not kill anyone. Well, that is until a rival gang gets involved and all hell breaks out.


The meat of the game is sectioned into distinct areas that are split again into sub levels. Each location offers a unique setting coupled with its own set of novel obstacles to overcome. As alluded to earlier, the levels are randomly generated for each playthrough so although the essence remains the same each attempt will have some slight layout differences. Honestly, clocking up hundreds of hours seems like it could be an easy task if the game draws you in. The just one more go factor is high with Streets of Rouge as you want to collect more money for that next upgrade or finish the level you started forty-seven attempts ago.

Visually Streets of Rouge does the job well, the pixelated characters and environments give the game personality without being overbearing. In handheld mode, our only grip would be that text becomes rather small, especially buried within some of the submenus. Performance was solid either way you set out to play and controls are simple enough to master in just a few runs. It’s important to focus as it’s all too easy to forget a button in the midst of the mayhem.



Final Words

Streets of Rogue from the outside may look like the latest in a long line of games to jump on the success of a tried and tested formula, which it is. Thankfully it does everything extremely well and provides enough scope and personality to keep even the biggest fans of the genre interested. It took a little while to get to grips with the sheer amount of upgrades, unlocks and random scenarios at play but our advice is to stick with Streets of Rogue and you’ll have a blast. The inclusion of multiplayer adds even more fun to proceedings and will keep you coming back for more. Put simply, give Streets of Rouge a try and let it take you on a thrill ride in exactly the way you want.



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Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 12/07/2019
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: RPG, Action
Developer: Matt Dabrowski
Publisher: tinyBuild
Website: www.tinybuild.com
Twitter: @tinyBuild
Download link: eShop

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