[Review] Warlocks 2: God Slayers – Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch has been a welcoming home for a mass influx of retro-inspired indie games. No genre has seen this resurgence more than the action platformer. The steady supply of solid titles makes it easy for a newer title to get lost in the shuffle. Warlocks 2: God slayers enters the crowded field with some over the top humour and a touch of Metroidvania to help it stand out amongst the pack.


Published by Qubic Games, W2 has the player select 1 of 5 distinct characters to begin their interplanetary adventure. Each of the unique Warlocks has its own skill tree, immediately showing that future playthroughs will have variety. Starting the game as a prisoner, your quest to join the Order of Warlocks is off to a bad start. You are quickly awarded your first skill point to unlock your basic attack and given your first mini-quest. The opening level gameplay is very simplistic with the ability to jump and attack being your only options.

Thankfully as you progress through each of the handful of worlds you gain XP giving you the ability to actively use 4 unique skills at a time. Early in your adventure, you are given an egg that over time will hatch your characters familiar. These act as an ally that levels up via evolutions and can even collect their own loot. Speaking of loot, W2 is a loot hunters dream. Defeating enemies, breaking jars, boxes, etc. all offer the chance of randomly-generated loot. Things range from basic to epic with everything in between. Offering immediate stat boosts, elemental effects as well as buffs, the loot is as plentiful as it is helpful.

The only negative with the loot is the visual lack of representation when equipped. The character you select from the outset is the look you will carry throughout.


Thankfully the character design is well done with W2. The beautiful pixel art design coupled with the hand-drawn animations create a very convincing world. The environments range from dense jungle ruins to rusted military warehouses and everything in between. Each of the 40+ enemies has its own unique look and style.

Traversing the environments as you look for hidden paths or even secret chests can get confusing from time to time. Each of the levels within each of the planets is its own explorable mini Metroidvania experience, however, you can quickly lose track of where you are and with everything beginning to look the same you will find yourself backtracking unintentionally. The boss encounters are epic and make the exploration payoff in the end. Each is painstakingly designed and could have a game based solely around them and their mythos.


The audio side of things is as impressive as the bosses themselves. The lack of voice acting does not impede this one in the least. The music generally fits the area you are in. This is ever apparent in the cantina which serves as your base of operations here, a local band plays on the stage and can even be paid to play another song if you want to change the vibe of the pace. The grunts and groans punctuate the sounds of your attacks as damage numbers pop on the screen.

Longevity is an area that deserves to be looked at with W2. While the main story runs a modest 8-10hrs this entire journey can be played with up to 4 friends. These sessions certainly don’t pack the punch of a Diablo rift run, but do spice things up and offer a fun loot grinding alternative. Additionally, the difficulty settings in the game also allow the player to set the game at permadeath. running into battle here quickly becomes more hectic as early on you are very underpowered and now face the threat of being nixed from existence for good.



Final Words

Warlocks 2: God Slayers, is a surprisingly fun and deep mashup of genres. On the surface, you have a standard action platformer, but underneath it, there is an engaging Co-op, RPG, Metroidvania-lite experience packed with replayability. The beautiful art and sound certainly deserve your attention but don’t sleep on the humorous story packed with plenty of NSFW moments and one-liners.



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Platform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 07/06/2019
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: Adventure, RPG, Action
Developer: Frozen District
Publisher: QubicGames
Website: www.qubicgames.com
Twitter: @qubicgames
Download link: eShop

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