Fathers Day 2019: The best games about being Dad


Fathers Day is here once again! Since the middle ages its been a day to celebrate Fathers, Fatherhood and everything in between. The scope of gaming is expanding with each passing generation and we are being treated to a much greater depth of storytelling and character portrayal. Much like in the real world we are being exposed to all manner of setups from biological, adoptive, all the way through to the less traditional but the key to all this is the relationship and what it means to those involved. So in honour of Fathers Day lets take a look at some of gaming’s notable examples of being ‘Dad’.


Kratos – God of War


Even the mighty God of War himself can’t hide from his fatherly duties in the latest instalment of the award-winning franchise. After the death of his second wife, Kratos must play the role of both parents while attempting to hide the truth about his murky past. The introduction of Arteus brings a whole new dynamic to his character. Not all goes smoothly as the relationship develops but let’s be completely honest, who wouldn’t want a dad like that to keep the lunchtime bullies in check.


Lee Everett – The Walking Dead


The troubled story of Clementine is one that we all know and love, even for those who are not fans of The Walking Dead series. We have watched her develop from a timid and fearful young girl into a fierce warrior in the midst of a zombie outbreak. All of this simply wouldn’t have been possible without the care, love and attention given by Lee Everett. Over the course of this episodic tale you as the player make critical decisions that will have a lasting effect on Clem’s upbringing, especially in teaching her right from wrong. As you are the main influence between the two it’s hard not to become a little invested also.


Big Daddy – BioShock


This setup is one of our less conventional offerings but the bond is just a strong. In 2007 Bioshock introduced us to the aptly named Big Daddy, a weaponised and armoured menace that would do anything possible to protect the Little Sisters of the underwater city known as Rapture. This genetic giant will stop at nothing to serve and protect, much like a reprogrammed Terminator.


Joel – The Last of Us


When TLoU dropped onto the PlayStation 3 in 2013 we were treated to another masterclass in storytelling by developers Naughty Dog. The gripping and heartbreaking opening introduces protagonist Joel in the middle of a savage fungal outbreak devastatingly culminating with the loss of his daughter. Fast forward twenty years and we rejoin Joel living in a post-apocalyptic world as he meets a young girl by the name of Ellie. Reluctantly he is tasked with escorting her to safety. As the journey ensues their bond solidifies and a once shut off Joel begins to open up as Ellie gradually steps into the void left by his daughter.


Octodad – Octodad


He’s an Octopus and he’s also a dad but having all those tentacles doesn’t make the job any easier. Keeping his family happy is his top priority and although he doesn’t always succeed at least his heart is the in right place. What we are trying to work out though is just how on earth he managed to pull this one off, it’s clear as day he’s punching above his weight… and species.


That’s our list complete for this year’s dads in gaming but we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below, on Twitter or our Facebook page.




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