WWE: NXT Takeover XXV Recap


With the dust now settled from All Elite Wrestling’s debut show it was time for NXT to once again take to the ring and reaffirm their claim as to putting on the best pure wrestling events in all of wrestling today. The crowd in Bridgeport, Connecticut were in full voice all night for what turned out to be another incredible night of action from the guys and gals on the Black and Gold brand.

The show kicked off in amazing style as Matt Riddle and Roderick Strong staged an instant classic in front of a very receptive crowd. A great story was told as the influence of Strong Style was very visible here and the added piece of storytelling was evident with Riddle working tirelessly to apply his submission holds and Strong finding ways to escape. Tremendous stuff here and one that will go down as one of the best card opening matches in NXT history so far.

The vacant NXT tag titles were up for grabs now in what as in a way, at least unofficially, become an NXT trademark match… the Ladder match! Insane, brutal, dangerous and so much more. This match exceeded all expectations as the action truly took it’s toll on all 8 men. Kyle O’Reilly especially came out of this looking like he had just had 10 years shaved from his life. The Street Profits were popular victors here, as surprising to some as that may be, and came out of it looking like Superstars. The NXT tag division continues to be the strongest and most compelling in wrestling right now.

Following that, Tyler Breeze challenged Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American title. Many eyes were on this bout as the rise of the Dream continues but more so for the inclusion of Breeze and if he could rekindle the passion he had in his performances during his initial run in NXT. The match definitely delivered as Breeze looked sharper than ever and the champ continued to forge a path of greatness that seemingly has no limits in sight. The aftermath image of both men posing for a selfie was nice little touch, despite this writers opinions on selfies!

The penultimate match of the night saw Shayna Baszler successfully defend the NXT Women’s title against Io Shirai. It is safe to say that any predictions we have about Baszler need to cease as she keeps winning and shows no sign of losing. We admit defeat here. Another great match here with Shirai not losing any momentum in defeat here. A rematch could be on the cards.

Finally, Johnny Gargano defended the NXT title against Adam Cole. Once again both men stole the show in a breathtaking encounter. The chemistry between both men is off the charts and with Cole now holding the title and both men having one win apiece, a third and deciding battle could be on the horizon. I’m sure fans would not have an issue with that!

That’s another Takeover in the books folks. Let us know what you thought about the show. See you soon!


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