WWE: NXT Results & Recap – May 22th, 2019


This weeks episode was a bit heavy on the story and light on the wrestling. We get started off with William Regal announcing that the Street Profits, The Forgotten Sons, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, and the Undisputed Era will be in a ladder match to crown the new NXT Tag Team Champions at TakeOver XXV. Following this, we see the Undisputed Era coming to the ring. Cole says that the Undisputed Era is going nowhere and won’t stop until they own the place. Gargano interrupts and says that Cole can’t beat him on his own. During all this, Matt Riddle attacks the Undisputed Era from behind and is soon broken up by the refs.

After this was our first match with Sean Maluta vs Mansoor. This was pretty short with the crowd not really pulling for either wrestler but it was still an enjoyable match. Mansoor would come out with the win after delivering a spinning reverse suplex.

We’re then taken to Cathy Kelley standing outside of Regal’s office. After we hear Regal yelling inside his office, we see the Undisputed Era walk out of the office not happy. Regal comes out and tells Kelley that Roderick Strong will face Matt Riddle at TakeOver XXV. Also, O’Reilly and Fish will be facing Riddle and Gargano in the main event tonight.

Following this, the Velveteen Dream comes out to ring. Tyler Breeze interrupts. Breeze says there is only one Prince Pretty and calls Velveteen a wanna-be impersonator and knock off. But says it’s flattering and that he is inspired by the North American Championship. Velveteen asks Breeze to take a selfie with him Before Breeze takes the picture, he tells Dream that when you write your number on your trunks and nobody calls, it means nobody is interested. This is followed with Breeze punching Velveteen then walking out. I can’t think of any other two wrestlers who could have pulled off that segment successfully.

The next match of the show was Candice LeRae vs Reina Gonzalez. This was another quick match. LeRae would win with her moonsault off the middle ropes but was soon afterwards attacked by Baszler and her gang. Io would then come out with a kendo stick and deliver some devastating shots to clear the ring to assist LeRae.

Our main event of the night was Matt Riddle and Gargano vs O’Reilly and Fish. This match was incredible and made up for the lack of wrestling during the show. During the final moments, Cole would come down to the ring but Gargano instantly greeted him with a suicide dive outside. While the ref was busy with Cole’s interference, Strong would come from the opposite side and attack Riddle. Fish and O’Reilly would capitalise with their high/low finisher. After the match, all the Undisputed Era would come in and beat up on Riddle and Gargano.


And that wraps it up for this week’s episode of NXT. We didn’t get a whole lot of wrestling but a lot of TakeOver XXV was materialised. This week the four-way tag team ladder match, Cole vs Gargano, and Dream vs Breeze were made official. Next week we have Mia Yim vs Belair in a rematch and also Kushida vs Drew Gulak. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!


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