WWE: NXT Results & Recap – May 15th, 2019


This week’s episode started off with the Viking Raiders advising William Regal in the ring that they are relinquishing their tag titles since no one can take the titles from them. But this is quickly interrupted by the Street Profits. They tell the champs that they know they can be beaten by them. After some more trash talk from the Profits, the Viking Raiders told Regal to make the match. Regal agrees and makes it the main event for the show For the titles.

After this, we get word from Adam Cole saying he doesn’t know where Roderick Strong is. Cole says that he is the leader of the group. Roderick interrupts and says they are stronger when they are on the same page. He says the Matt Riddle problem has been taken care of and hands Cole a bloody flip flop. The group walks off together.

Next up is the first match with Cezar Bononi vs Keith Lee. As with every match with Lee, we get to see his ridiculous athletic ability. He never disappoints. Bononi didn’t have a bad match, but all eyes were on Lee. Lee wins with the sitout powerbomb. In case you don’t know this Bononi is no small guy whatsoever. And Lee launches this guy up like he was weightless for that powerbomb.

While standing next to Regals office, Cathy Kelley says she just got word from Regal that Baszler will be defending her title against Io at TakeOver XXV. Soon after we see the Forgotten Sons making their way to the office but are stopped by Kelley. She asked why they were going in there. The Forgotten Sons want to know why the Street Profits are being handled a title opportunity and why they are being looked over.

The second match of the show was Kona Reeves vs Kushida. Early in the match 205 Live superstar Drew Gulak comes to the entrance to watch the match but doesn’t get involved. Kushida eventually gets the win with his Hoverboard submission. Gulak walks away unimpressed. It would be nice to see Kushida return the favour and start showing up on 205 Live. After losing Ali, Cedric, and Murphy they could use some new faces.

Following this is a couple of promos, we see Bianca Belair walking Cathy Kelley to Regal’s office. She wants her to ask when she’s getting her next title opportunity. But before they make it to the office, we see Mia Yim leaving the office. She advises Belair that she is done with her yet. While Yim walks off, we see Belair go in the office without Kelley. Next, we see Matt Riddle being bandaged up, with just one flip flop. Johnny Gargano is checking in on him as well. While walking off, Gargano says he will be defending his title against Adam Cole at TakeOver XXV.

The third match was Vanessa Borne vs Jessie. This has been the first time we’ve seen Jessie since the last Mae Young Classic. Borne was of course accompanied by Aliyah, who really didn’t interfere in the match with the exception of a smack to the face to Jessie. And that didn’t really impact the match. Borne would still come out with the victory with what looked like a modified swinging neck breaker. You could tell Beth Phoenix had no idea what to call it so she just said ‘her finishing move’.

Our main event followed after this with the Street Profits vs the Viking Raiders for the tag titles. This match started out incredible but was sadly cut short due to the Forgotten Sons interfering in the match. And then soon after Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch would come down and get in on the fun. The Street Profits would make their way out during all the chaos. Once all the dust cleared, the Viking Raiders were the only ones left standing. So I’m assuming we are going to get a fatal four way for tag titles at TakeOver XXV.


And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. We got some good story plots leading up to TakeOver XXV but no matches have been announced for next week. Thanks for watching and long live wrestling!


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