GoPlay GripStand Pack – Nintendo Switch


Standing in a GameStop looking at the picked overused game section, something caught my eye on the accessory wall. The GoPlay GripStand Pack, a Nintendo licensed product. It comes with the stand and a cleaning cloth. Not much of a “pack” if you ask me. I’ve seen similar products and never made the purchase but this time a choice was made.

There was another gentleman in the area keeping an eye on the same product. I struck up a conversion with him, and we both ended up buying the accessory. The front end clerk gave a positive comment about the product as well. Things are looking up so far. The final cost for me was about three dollars because of a gift card, but the retail price was fifteen.

The bottom half of the console is inserted into the tabs and the top follows with a couple clicks. Each hand grip is meaty with a good hold, they feel quality. Grips are connected with a flat back end that doesn’t completely cover the Switch to allow airflow from behind. It feels a bit lesser in strength of quality but not to the point of breaking if pressured. One downside is that the product must be removed to charge the Switch in its dock. I only charge that way but for those that strictly use a loose cable it won’t be an issue.

I play mostly handheld so this accessory is very appealing to me. Initially, the overall feeling was foreign and awkward but it didn’t take a long session to overcome that. Each time I picked up my Switch to return to play, the grips felt better and my focus shifted more on gameplay than the peripheral.


Final Words:

The retail price point is a bit higher than I would pay out of pocket so I got lucky with my gift card. The quality is good and removing the accessory didn’t feel like it would cause it to break over time. I enjoyed the feel and even beat a difficult boss in Aggelos during my first session. If you have a game to get rid of, take it to GameStop to lower the price of the GoPlay GripStand and snag it.




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