WWE: NXT Results & Recap – May 1st, 2019


This week’s episode started off week a six-man tag match with Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Humberto Carrillo vs The Forgotten Sons. The match was ok. Not a boring match but sadly not any moments that stick out. After Carrillo mistakenly hit Lorcan with a suicide dive outside, The Forgotten Sons capitalise with a double inverted DDT/double stomp from the top rope combo for the win. I’ve come to notice, if you want to see the audience lose all their energy during the show, you have them win the match.

After the match, was a couple of promos. First, Cathy Kelley asks Baszler outside the arena if she has any remorse for attacking Io and Kairi the last few weeks. Baszler says her remorse is buried in the sand with Io and Kairi. Kelley then asks if attacking Io is a strategy due to her pinning her and Baszler not being able to pin her. Baszler responds by slapping the mic out of Kelley’s hand and walking off. Following that, we see Belair trash talking Mia Yim at the performance centre. This doesn’t break out in a fight or anything though. This does, however, set up a match for next week.

The second match of the show was Mansoor vs Dominik Dijakovic. I was expecting this to be a squash match, but Mansoor put up a good match here. That being said, there some moments where Dijakovic threw him around like he was weightless. Dijakovic would eventually finish off Mansoor with his Feast Your Eyes finisher. After the match, Velveteen Dream came rolled out laying on a couch. If that wasn’t enough, he sang to Dijakovic about his accomplishments as the North American Champion to the tune of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’. You can’t make this stuff up. I can’t think of anyone else who could pull this off and work. But the crowd ate this up.

Following this segment, was an Undisputed Era promo. O’Reilly says Gargano is officially the luckiest man in the history of NXT. Cole assures us that the Undisputed Era is stronger than they’ve ever been. He then also slips up and says Strong dropped the ball against Gargano. Strong immediately interrupts Cole then walks off. Fish tells Cole that his timing is awful then walks off to find Strong. Cole says he was joking about the comment as things seem to get tenser within the group.

The main event of the show was Kassius Ohno vs Kushida in his NXT debut. Not really an action-packed match but it wasn’t boring. Kushida would end up winning with his Hoverboard Lock after connecting with a penalty kick to the arm.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week we have Bianca Belair vs Mia Yim and also Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that Strong is in some way going to get involved in that match. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!


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