Nickervision Studios – Q&A



Name: Adam Nickerson
Studio: Nickervision Studios
Current Game: Ding Dong XL

Nickervision Studios first console release, Ding Dong XL, hits the Nintendo eShop this month. The game is a retro styled arcade triumph, with easy to play controls that encourage you to take risks in order to win big. Ding Dong XL harks back to the golden age of gaming and that urge forĀ ‘just one more go’. Today we talk with Adam, the mastermind behind the studio, who kindly agreed to answer our questions.

You can check out the launch trailer for Ding Ding XL on Nintendo Switch here:

What inspired you to become a game developer?

I have loved video games since I was very young. Looked up to visionaries like Shigeru Miyamoto, Tim Sweeney and John Carmack. I always had games I wanted to make in my head but knew they would never come to be if I didn’t learn how to make them.


How long have you been in the gaming industry?

I have been doing full-time game development for about a year now and was tinkering in my spare time before that for about 3 years.


Tell everyone a little about your latest release!

Ding Dong XL is another in my line of simple to play but impossible to master arcade score chasers. It only requires one button to play, has basic mechanics, but yet will suck players in for many rounds with its addictive and fast-paced gameplay.


Describe what a usual day in the life of you would be?

I wake up, get in front of my computer, spend an hour with a coffee or two and just browse my favourite sites. Then I usually work anywhere from 8-12 hours on whatever my current project is. Sometimes I make entire games that I just don’t release because I don’t feel they have that tight hook that my others have. Other times I am just reading and learning new things about how to make games as I am completely self-taught using mostly internet-based resources and trial and error.


What would you say has been the biggest challenge in getting this game to market?

This is my first Nintendo Switch game, heck, my first game on a Console. So there was a big learning curve in adapting to the more restrictive and closed systems on a console.


If you could go back in time, with your current skill-set, is there anything you would change about a game?

Honestly, I think a lot of the old arcade games are masterpieces. The one downfall they mostly share is that they were trying to milk more quarters out of their players. I would rather see those games infinitely playable and rewarding players for playing more as opposed to punishing them.


Tell us about the thing that you are most proud of in your career?

Releasing Ding Dong XL on Nintendo Switch is my greatest achievement. I have been a Nintendo fan for life and it means the absolute world to me to be a part of that legacy, even if its a tiny tiny part. I wrote a huge twitter thread that delves more into my lifelong Nintendo Obsession.


What is the next goal for the team and are there any future projects on the horizon (that you can tell us about)?

I have some bigger projects in the works but I am also getting a lot of requests to bring more of my games like Bit Blaster XL, and Orbt XL to the Nintendo Switch too. Players seem thirsty for more small affordable experiences that they can play a couple minutes at a time.


A massive thank you to Adam from all of us at for taking the time out to answer our questions. You can buy Ding Dong XL from the Nintendo eShop today!


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