PowerA: Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – GameCube Style


When it comes to controllers, gaming accessories and officially licenced products there’s no better than the offerings from the team over at PowerA. The vision is simple, to provide a quality and innovative product range with the aim of being the world’s best. We had the pleasure of taking the Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – GameCube Style in Gold for a spin around the block. Let’s find out more!

It’s not unreasonable to consider the original GameCube pad as one of the greatest controllers of all time, especially the WaveBird iteration which was the first truly wireless pad (that worked). It’s a well-rounded design, comfortable to hold and with a good button layout that once mastered became second nature. With the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch it was a natural decision to bring out some officially licenced and modern takes on the fan favourite.

Once again the team over at PowerA have paid the utmost respect and attention to detail in faithfully recreating the original Nintendo design. It looks near identical and is made from quality materials, the buttons feel responsive and the analogue sticks have something about them. Where the pad shines is with the inclusion of a bigger d-pad, making pulling off vitally timed combos all the easier, and a left shoulder button. The front has seen a slight facelift with the addition of a couple of extra option buttons, LED indicators and the updated Switch logo.

The battery life is exceptional running from two AA batteries and clocked in at the 30-hour mark. Although the controller doesn’t include HD rumble, IR, or Amiibo support functions they aren’t missed in this capacity. What we did like is that although this is clearly aimed at the Smash community the controller can be used with any Nintendo Switch game so all of the fighters out there will benefit.

Official Specifications:

GameCube style controllers are widely considered the preferred way to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Pull off precise attacks using octagonal gated sticks, larger A button, and nostalgic muscle memory on this officially licensed Bluetooth wireless controller for Nintendo Switch from PowerA.

Key Features:

  • The preferred gamepad for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Wireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.0
  • Classic GameCube design plus larger D-pad and added left shoulder button
  • Motion controls and system buttons added for compatibility across Nintendo Switch games
  • Player indicator and low battery warning LED
  • Includes two AA batteries for up to 30 hours of gameplay
  • Official licensed product with two-year limited warranty


Final Words:

For the Smash community, and that’s a lot of Switch owners, the PowerA wireless GameCube style controller is an essential addition to the collection. It is available in a number of different colour schemes depending on your personal preference. PowerA have faithfully recreated the look and feel of the original while adding in some quality of life features at a price point that is great.




You can purchase the Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – GameCube Style, as well as a whole range of officially licenced products, here:


– PowerA // Amazon –


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