Rise of the Reggie: Nintendo’s Retired President Joins Twitter


Reggie Fils-Aime may have finally called it a day as President of Nintendo, but if you’re still hankering for some Regginator action then don’t despair because you can now follow his day-to-day shenanigans on his official Twitter account, which launched earlier this week.

Reggie, who once described himself as a man who was “about kickin’ ass … takin’ names, and makin’ games”, had spent more than 15 years as Nintendo of America’s top dog and COO before announcing he would be stepping down on April 15th, and it seemed like he would retire into obscurity, but the outpouring of emotion that followed his big announcement only went to show how important and revered he is within the video games community.

While working for Nintendo of America, Reggie was at the forefront of some of its most innovative content, including the launch of Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and perhaps most importantly Nintendo Switch.

Reggie’s first Tweet was an image of the 2014 E3 Reggie doll holding a card with his @Reggie official Twitter handle scribbled across it. To date, that Tweet alone has over 161,000 likes and over 43,000 replies. He then went on to share posts including pictures from his final moments with Nintendo and thanked the gaming community for allowing him to be a part of their families.

You can follow Reggie here, and be sure to tell him @twobeardgaming sent you.


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