To Be The Man: Evil Ain’t Good – Comic Review


To Be The Man Pt 1&2
Release Jan 2018
Digital version read
Review copy provided



With WrestleMania season in full swing, the NXT expansion rocketing along nicely and the launch of AEW just around the corner, grappling fans are not short of spandex themed fun to keep them entertained. So, with the granddaddy of them all set to grace our screens on April 7th  it was apropos that we came across (no that’s not a Val Venus pun) the first two issues of “To Be The Man” an entertaining and mature-themed comic series by Jared Davis and Josh Taylor.


Set in a stylistic take on the glory days of 80’s wrestling, where territories and kayfabe were in full swing. A greedy promotor, Mr McMaverick, makes a deal with the devil to get the most prestigious championship into his promotion to boost ticket sales and dominate the competition, all without the aid of Paul Bearer! So begins a story that harkens back to everything we fell in love with about wrestling as a kid, the over the top, ridiculous, flashy flamboyance of this fictional reality.


We kick things off with the young and flashy champion “Fabulous” Frank Hazard defending his title against the grizzled veteran looking for his long-awaited shot at glory, Greg “The Gargoyle” Grimes. The match ends with Grimes being distracted by a young girl turning into a monster at ringside allowing Hazard to take his head off “BAAAH GAWD” with a steel chair causing a DQ finish. Unhappy with the unplanned finish and his chance to finally be champion Grimes chases the Fabulous one down after the show to get answers only for both of them to face hellfire and brimstone as they are attacked by demons in a graveyard. The two form an unlikely duo to fend off the attack and head out to get to the bottom of this sinister scenario…

TBTM1 - 2


Final Words:

Full of fan-pleasing nods to classic wrestlers with fun and over the top storyline this is absolutely everything a wrestling fan could hope to read and something WWE creative could do with taking some inspiration from. Not taking itself too seriously but remaining self-aware, the plot moves along nicely with plenty of rated R themed humour all presented in a big, bulky and colourful art style. This was such a good gem to discover and we were turning those pages quicker than a Big Show heel turn. If you aren’t able to “Walk that aisle!” into the local comic store then To Be The Man is available now on Amazon.



To Be The Man: Evil Ain’t Good: Chapter 1
Print Length: 48 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1981611177
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Publication Date: Jan 2018
Twitter: @tobethemancomic
Purchase: Amazon Booksgenericspacer

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