101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die! – Part 5


We have already been asked if it’s too easy or too hard to compile such a list as we are doing here. It’s definitely a mammoth task to undertake but a fun one nevertheless. On we go with the next 5 in our selection.


80. ECW Anarchy Rulz (2000)


It’s pretty safe to say that by this point, ECW was hanging on by a thread financially but in the ring they could still churn out a thrilling night of PPV wrestling. This event had it all from the hard-hitting weapon filled brawls that were RVD vs Rhino for the ECW TV title and Da Baldies vs Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy to the technical action-packed battles that were CW Anderson vs Steve Corino and Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn for the ECW World title. The last great PPV from ECWs original form, this is one that can be enjoyed fondly for fans of old and new eyes that are experiencing the Extreme Legacy of the group on the WWE Network.


79. ROH Crowning A Champion (2002)


Ring Of Honor had been building towards this night since February of 2002 and promised to crown its first ROH champion in epic fashion, they did that and then some on this hot summers night back in July 2002. The undercard featured show-stopping performances from the likes of AJ Styles, Homicide and Jay Briscoe but the 425 sold out fans inside the Murphy Rec Center in Philadelphia came to see Lowki, Spanky, Christopher Daniels and our own Doug Williams battle in one of the greatest Iron Man matches you will ever see. Setting the standard for what ROH title matches would become, this event is truly a must-see!


78. WWE One Night Only (1997)


At a time where WCW where the leaders of wrestling in the states and WWE were slowly settling into a new era of ‘Attitude’, Birmingham Arena was the site for one of the best PPVs of the 90s. With a sold-out crowd as loud as any you will ever hear, this PPV had a very special feel about it. Headlined by Shawn Michaels vs Davey Boy Smith for the defunct European title and a semi-main event of Bret Hart vs The Undertaker in an underrated WWE title classic, the whole night proved that WWE was on WCW’s tails for the rights of Wrestling Supremacy.


77. WCW Starrcade (1983)


Long before WrestleMania was the ‘Granddaddy of them all’, the Crockett family staged an event that would be the precursor to what we now recognise as the SuperShow. Change was in the air and the rabid crowd were in awe all night of what was on display. Revisit this now on the WWE network and see why matches such as Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine in a dog collar match and Harley Race defending the NWA title in a cage match against Ric Flair still enthral fans today. This writer especially derives great pleasure from this event and cannot put this show over any more highly if he tried!


76. TNA PPV Week 42 (2003)


Back in the days of the TNA Asylum, the company spent 3 months expertly building to, at the time, the biggest match in TNA history as Jeff Jarrett and Raven were to finally collide for the NWA title. The match itself was an emotional roller coaster and still holds up well today. The rest of the show was filled with great action from the likes of, what a variety this is, AJ Styles, D-LO Brown, Amazing Red, AMW, Jerry Lynn and more. If you have never seen this, check it out on the Global Wrestling Network now. If only things for TNA could have been different eh?


That’s another 5 down. Next time we highlight shows 75-71 on our list. Hope you are all enjoying. When the list does reach number 1, we will then compile a special list of 20 shows that we believe are worthy of an honourable mention. Till next time…

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