OMG Zombies! – Nintendo Switch Review


OMG Zombies!
Release 26/03/2019
Switch version tested
Review code providednintendospacer

Chain reaction combo games have long been a niche genre. Last generation my favourite in the genre, Every Extend Extra Extreme, was published by Microsoft and I have been waiting since to play something like it. In crawls OMG Zombies!, from Laughing Jackal LTD. and published by Ghostlight, looking to fill that void. While zombie games are as a common as sand on the beach, OMG stands apart in one distinct way, its gameplay.


Players take on the role of a nameless cop trapped in the zombie apocalypse. The minimal amount of story is delivered in comic panels at the beginning and towards the end of the game. At the beginning of each of the 100 levels (40 environments), the player finds himself perched from a raised location looking down on the lumbering mass of zombies. You are given a set number of bullets each laced with a pathogen that causes the mark to explode and spread the pathogen to others in the vicinity. 8 variants of the zombies, each with their own type of death reaction, must be used to figure out the best possible way to achieve a platinum clearance rating. The ensuing chaos is what gives this game its replayability and enjoyment. Clearing a screen of 98 zombies with just 1 shot is as thrilling an experience as I have had slogging through the countless number of zombie games out today. Exploding a bloated zombie which triggers a reanimated soldier to fire erratically thus triggering others to melt into pools of acid or run screaming across the screen before erupting on another is a very satisfying and addicting experience. Through the course of the journey, players are able to take the cash they earn and upgrade their rifle as well as the effect it has on specific zombies.


Visually, OMG is black and white and red all over. The game is presented in a minimalistic black and white almost sketchbook like style. This does not remain as once the first bullet flies through the air the screen erupts into a visceral painting of red as the decimated corpses explode entrails all over the streets below. Using R players can alter the screen so that each type of zombie appears as a different colour, which is helpful on the congested levels and you are looking for a specific type to start your chain reaction. Pressing L pulls up a health bar which is helpful as you get further into the game and the zombies may require more than one shot, whether that comes from you or one of the undead who is armed. When using the scope on the rifle the game becomes very pixelated whereas the standard view looks just right.

The same can be said about the music. You are treated to a mild variety of tracks here which are relatively enjoyable. The sounds of the carnage are the real star of this game. The explosions of the barrels, the liquefying sound as zombies melt never got old. Hearing one specific type scream as it ran across the scream was delight especially if it then triggered the sound of electricity because it ran into an electrically charged type. The rife sound felt a bit muted but that is easily forgiven with the satisfying punch the rest of the audio delivers.



Final Words:

OMG, as stated before, has an upgrade system which rewards you for continuing to replay levels. In addition to earning medals (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) for each level there are online leaderboards. At the time of review these were not active, so, for now, I am the kingslayer but don’t think that will last too long. OMG Zombies! is a pickup and play title that shouldn’t be missed. The budget price makes this one an absolute no-brainer for anyone who has enjoyed chain reaction combo building and killing tons of zombies.



TBG Score: 8/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 26/03/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Shooter, Arcade, Strategy
Developer: Laughing Jackal LTD
Publisher: Ghostlight
Twitter: @ghostlightgames
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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