WWE: Fastlane 2019 Preview and Predictions

The road to WrestleMania rages on this Sunday as the final stop on the road goes through Fastlane. Though for some this event could be viewed as one to skip, it does boast a strong lineup. With the card for Mania slowly taking shape, Fastlane seems to be pushing things into a certain direction. Let’s see what is on offer this Sunday.



The pre-show sees another encounter between Rey Mysterio and Andrade. Surprisingly this has not been put on the main card. However given the matches the two have had on Smackdown Live over the last couple of months, this could once again steal the show and for us has now made the pre-show must see viewing.

Prediction: Andrade always seems to be on the cusp of main event status and a win here would build him up again heading into Mania so the former NXT Champ takes it for us.


Asuka defends the Blue Brand Women’s title against Mandy Rose. Rose seems to have been given the vote of confidence by Vinnie Mac recently and in her defence she has improved a lot over the last 12 months. Asuka seems to be battling an injury as of a late but surely the result here is obvious?

Prediction: Asuka retains. It seems a showdown with Lacey Evans is on the cards so a title retention should not be in any doubt.


The Usos and the team of The Miz and Shane McMahon battle one final team for the Smackdown tag titles. This issue is sure to be settled here and as entertaining, or bearable, as the partnership of ‘MizMcMahon’ has been, its time now to put it to rest. A Mania match between the two seems to be a lock as Shane-O-Mac simply has to have that ego-gratifying moment on the grandest stage of them all.

Prediction: Usos retains here but who they match up with at Mania is a puzzler. Perhaps a multi-team match or maybe even one with The Hardys in the potential final Mania match before hanging up the boots and face paint.



Each PPV has a ‘filler’ match and the Women’s tag title match between Champs Bayley and, big yawn again, Sasha Banks and the team of Nia Jax and Tamina, she still around? fills that spot here! To say the launch of this title division has been very underwhelming already does not say much for the future of the titles and this match here could be further proof of it.

Prediction: Bayley and Banks retain on route to a Mania defence against Trish Stratus and Lita. Oh… joy!


The Red Brands tag titles take centre stage here in what could be the sleeper match of the night as The Revival defend against former champs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and the makeshift team of Ricochet and Aleister Black. 6 tremendous athletes who are all sure to be wanting to make a statement here. Though we would love to see Black and ‘Chet making strides in singles action, same can be said for Roode and even Gable, the inclusion of them does freshen up what has become a very stale division on Raw.

Prediction: No title change here. Post Mania could be an intriguing time for all involved but a long reign for Dash and Dawson seems to be the way forward, Having said that we would not be surprised if the titles went to the two recent NXT call ups.


The latest reunion of The Shield sees them go up against the trio of Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and the still criminally underused Drew McIntyre. As good as it may be to some to see the Hounds of Justice reunite and take the spotlight again, this feels like its a thrown together rehash to keep Ambrose in good graces with management. The return of Roman is fantastic and we are all glad he is on the mend but one can not help but feel that the momentum Rollins has built up over the last 12 months is slowly starting to dwindle, at a time when it should be at its peak ahead of his showdown with Brock Lesnar in April.

Prediction: Shield victory. That is all we need to say here.


Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens for the WWE title is, on paper, a potential match of the night contender. Don’t get us wrong, this should be a very good match and will no doubt deliver. However in light of all of the hoopla lately over Kofi Kingston, we worry that the crowd will turn on this match and not even give it chance as a way of trying to make their unnecessary voices heard.

Prediction: Bryan retains and heads into Mania to battle Kofi in what will be Kofi’s ‘Mania Moment’. All of this seems very underwhelming going into the biggest show of the year.


The true main event of Fastline is obviously Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch. We’re looking for this to be an intense, hard-hitting war and will also no doubt feature an appearance from the freshly and much needed turned heel Ronda Rousey. The result of this should be a foregone conclusion but in an age where the so called ‘Smart Fans’ need to be swerved, the story here could take another turn.

Prediction: We are keeping it simple and going with a win for Lynch. She truly is the most over star on the roster right now and the story of it all has been incredibly compelling.


Look for our recap next week following the event this Sunday. Let us know what you think will happen. The road to WrestleMania makes its final stop this weekend. We could be in for some surprises!

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