Apex Legends – Essential Tips To Become Champion


Howdy folks and welcome to Kings Canyon! The Mac Daddy has some basic beginner tips to start you off on your Battle Royale grind, good luck and may you become an Apex Champion!


Character Selection


You will need to decide how you want to play. The characters pretty much fall into three categories, but each legend has its own unique ability. Categories are Assault, Support and Defensive. For those starting out, I liked Bangalore and her assault class or Bloodhound and his tracking abilities. You can check each player’s abilities at the select screen, and remember to use your abilities they may help you and your team.


Landing Spot


You may not be the jumpmaster, but you can make a suggestion with the marking system if you do not have a headset. If you like dropping in hot, knock yourself out. I like to loot a little first and build class a little with preferable weapons. Watch where other teams are dropping from their smoke trails, you may not be as secluded as you think!


Find A Gun!


And be quick! Sounds obvious. But this game is savage. You get caught unarmed, you’re dead. That means picking that bloody Mozambique shotgun/pistol up if that’s the first gun you find! Why do you mock me Apex! The next stage is choosing a secondary weapon and building your class. Personally, I like a long-range weapon and a short-range to punish those who try and get in my face. Personal favourite weapons R301, Peacekeeper, Wingman or the M600. Keep an eye out for gun attachments too, they make a massive difference to your weapons and follow the same colour ratings as armour…


Find Some Armour 


Sounds obvious again, it can double your health, so why wouldn’t you? Armour is incredibly straight forward. Split into two halves, body armour and a helmet. White is basic worth 50 points, Blue 75 points, Purple 100 points. There is also Gold which is the same as Purple, but with a perk. Gold is normally contained within a supply drop.




This game requires teamwork, and we all know what teamwork makes. The sooner you work with your team by assisting with marking items/loot to be collected and sharing with them, that is right, not keeping all for yourself. Also Marking enemies and waypoints, you will find you are more successful at the game. Other elements of assisting your team are standard first-person team shooter rules. Covering for each other, reviving each other, having each other’s backs. Of course, you could just get paired with two random chumps who runoff or drop out of the game, but I cannot help with that…


A couple of other additional points you can have on me. If you hold the jump button you can actually mantle higher than a standard jump does, which can help you get out of harm’s way or areas you may not have been able to reach. I did not think this was covered particularly well in the tutorial. When you are running or going down a hill you can slide and it is quicker than running. You may slide into trouble though! 

I have also noticed as the ring stages move on, the amount of damage you receive for being outside of it seems to increase, so make sure you don’t get caught in it in the later stages!


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