WWE: NXT Results & Recap February 27th, 2019

This week’s episode started out with Gargano coming to the ring to talk to the WWE Universe. It seemed Gargano was getting ready to admit his reason for success but then Ciampa came out to interrupt. Ciampa advised Gargano that they’re at their best when they work together and that they need each other. Gargano shakes Ciampa’s hand and agrees to reform #DIY for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Afterwards, we see Candice Lerae outside the arena not happy with Gargano’s decision. I got a feeling though that Lerae is going to give in and join the squad. Not sure if that means she will turn heel but she will be by Gargano’s side.


Meanwhile, Ricochet is backstage and says he isn’t done with the Undisputed Era yet. He announces that he will be teaming with Aleister Black in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Am I missing something or is this pretty random to be throwing these two together since their call up? I’m not against it but I thought Black’s schtick was being a lone wolf. Oh well. I’ve got a feeling Black is going to be getting a monster push on the main roster.

We now have our first match of the night with Vanessa Borne and Aliyah up against Taynara Conti and Xia Li. Not an awful match but you could tell this match was to push Borne and Aliyah. As soon as Aliyah was tagged in she got some pretty heavy boos. And not the good boos. The match ended with Borne and Aliyah doing some kind of assisted swinging neck breaker. It wasn’t the biggest exclamation point but it won them the match. The biggest exclamation point though was Li’s kicks. She is super fast and fluid with those and would hate to have to be on the receiving end with that.

After the match we got a segment with Velveteen Dream on being the new North American Champion but this was quickly interrupted by the Undisputed Era. Adam Cole tells Dream he is going to be taking his belt and that O’Reilly and Fish are going to win the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Following this, we see Io and Belair backstage arguing. Regal responds via Twitter that they will be going one on one in two weeks to find out who the #1 contender will be against Baszler at TakeOver: New York. I this match will probably end up in a DQ from Baszler’s gang. Which will lead to a triple threat match at TakeOver.

Next up we had an outstanding match with Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee. These two guys are special talents. We saw some unbelievable cruiserweight-like reversals from these guys. And we also had some impressive showing of strength as well. Lee had some moments where he was tossing around Dijakovic like a child, and this guy is around 270 pounds. The match, unfortunately, ended in a double count out. Which I’m assuming will lead to a rematch at TakeOver. And I can not wait for that. That entire match was

After the match, the last four teams were announced for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The first round matches will consist of: Moustache Mountain vs Street Profits, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs Forgotten Sons, #DIY vs Undisputed Era, and Ricochet and Aleister Black vs Aichner and Barthel. I can’t believe they have #DIY against the Undisputed Era in the first round. That would have been the perfect Finals match. This tournament is stacked though so I really can’t complain here. I just pray the Forgotten Sons don’t win this. Please.

Sasha Banks and Bayley made a surprise visit to the ring with their newly won Tag Titles in hand. They announced that they want their titles to be the most sought after belts and laid out a challenge to the women of NXT. I really hope Io and Kairi challenge them for it and win. I don’t mind Sasha and Bailey with the titles, but I think Io and Kairi would be better champs. If not, it would still be an awesome match.

For the main event, we had Shayna Baszler up against Mia Yim. Not a bad match, but the Dijakovic vs Lee match was WAY better than this and should have been the main event. Yim did a great job on selling her hurt ankle that Baszler caused during the match with her joint manipulation that she’s always doing. Yim was able to escape the Kirifuda Clutch once but was unable to escape the second time and was forced to tap. This match was won clean too. No sign of Baszler’s gang around.


And that wraps it up for this week’s episode of NXT. Next week starts off the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. I really hope they don’t try to squeeze in all four first-round matches in one episode. But if they do, it won’t be the worst thing. Unless the Forgotten Sons win. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!

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