Langrisser Mobile – iOS/Android Review


Last Update: 31/01/2019
iOS version testedgenericspacer

If you’re on Facebook (we are so give us a like), then there’s a very good chance you’ve seen ads running for a souped-up remake of Langrisser, a much loved tactical RPG from way back in 1991, a time when our mighty beards were nothing more than bum fluff adorning our naked chins.

Younger readers might not be familiar with the insanely popular SRPG series, though it has had a fairly constant output for the last 28 years. For the rest of us, the promise of reliving the adventures of Matthew, Almeda, and Grenier was too much to pass up – and so we downloaded it on iOS without hesitation – and oh boy were we unprepared for what we were about to experience.

The game follows the same story it always has for the last 3 decades. Players take on the roles of a group of adventurers in search of the mythical and magical sword known simply as Langrisser. This time though, the developers have really gone to town on making a game that while familiar to many experienced RPG players, will still feel fresh and exciting without alienating newcomers.

Langrisser Mobile 1.png

Time has been spent on every aspect of the game, from hiring a stellar voice cast which includes series regular Ryôtarô Okiayu, as well as having original composer Noriyuki Iwadare return to provide the score. The world itself is immersive and stunning to look at, with some of the best character art we’ve ever seen on a game specifically designed for the mobile market.

For all its beauty, there’s no denying Langrisser is a batshit crazy game. In fairness the franchise has always been a little ‘out there’, but it seems that condensing the world down so that it fits perfectly onto your handheld device has simply compacted the insanity of the game. At times you’re mid-battle only to find yourself swept away to another place on the map entirely and finish up engaged in some exposition-heavy dialogue. But even that isn’t a criticism. It’s too much fun to get mad.

Langrisser Mobile is quite literally everything you could ask for in an RPG and it’s completely free to play – or at least to download. There is an element of monetisation, which is par for the course in today’s mobile gaming world, and although we’d usually be against this, sometimes it’s ok to make an exception for a great game, though it will admittedly put a lot of people off in the long-run. The only real criticism we here at Two Beard Gaming have is that it’s a shame Langrisser is only available on mobile because we’ve no doubt that this would be a HUGE seller on Nintendo Switch – and at least you’d only ever have to pay once.


Final Words:

A truly remarkable effort by Zlong Games. Langrisser is exactly what we hoped it would be and more. If you’re looking for an alternative to Fire Emblem Heroes then look no further. This is the perfect RPG, the only limit is the charge in your mobile phone battery and the charges to your bank balance.



TBG Score: 8.5/10

genericspacerPlatform: iOS, Android
Last Update: 31/01/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Strategy
Publisher: Zlong Games
Download link: Apple App Store / Google Play Storegenericspacer

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