Drowning – Nintendo Switch Review

Video games mean so much to so many. Often offering an escape from the trials and tribulations of the real world, many take solace in the environments created, the characters developed, and the stories that unfold. Within ten minutes with ‘Drowning,’ this had never been more apparent >

It’s not all Doom and gloom!

Brace yourselves, we're going to use some words that cause many of us to squirm and feel generally uncomfortable. A phrase that gamers, and probably the general movie going public have come to dread; “movie adaptation of a video game” >

FireFly: A Brief History of Betrayal!

In hindsight, Firefly is a series that should have been a huge success – it had interesting characters, excellent writing, a genuine sense of awe and created by Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case >

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