Donut County – Nintendo Switch Review


Donut County
Release 18/12/2018
Switch version tested


You’re A-HOLE!

A racoon with an app that deploys donut holes to customers with a hunger for donuts. Much to their surprise, food is not what they receive. One by one, everything you care for gets swallowed whole by an ever-growing darkness, which sounds like the end of my 2018. A light-hearted and oddly satisfying casual play that will keep you entertained for a couple hours.

BK the racoon works for a “donut” company that delivers the “hole” of the donut for those requesting. The hole starts small and will only allow for certain objects to be eaten let’s say. The process repeats and the hole grows with every object consumed. Pepper in some very light puzzle aspects and that’s the game in a nutshell. I won’t go into detail about the puzzles because there aren’t many and it would spoil the 20 level game.

After each level is completed the player will get to see the trashopedia which gives a humorous definition of every object. The music for this area is my favourite in the game. Very chill, lo-fi feels that I could listen to outside of the game. Music in general for Donut County is laid back and fun to listen to. The soundtrack is available to download on Spotify.

The left joystick is used to move your hole and the sensitivity can be changed in the options menu. What an odd sentence. One button on the right side of the controller will allow for an action that is unlocked at some point in the game. It’s difficult to describe the game to a typical extent because it’s so short, that’s the biggest downfall. I could do with no puzzle aspect if there were thirty more levels.


Final Words:

The story is funny and the humour is what drives the simplicity of Donut County. Music is fantastic and gives a relaxing vibe while you clean the arts of objects, people and whatever else you can fit in your hole. Short but fun play that I recommend to everyone. Ten dollars or less would have been a better price in my opinion.



TBG Score: 7/10

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: $12.99
Release Date: Dec 18, 2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: Puzzle, Adventure
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Developer: Ben Esposito
Twitter: @donutcounty
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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  1. Like its too short and I love the game I will just keep playing it looping until I fall asleep.


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