The 10 Ten Things The PlayStation 2 Classic Needs To Include


The PlayStation Classic is out now and everyone has had their say on the questionable lineup. It’s something of a mixed bag all be told and there seem to be some pretty glaring omissions for whatever reason. It’s definitely not a must-buy for us that’s for sure. With this in mind it got us thinking about what we’d like to like to see from the inevitable PlayStation 2 Classic, so here are The Top 10 Things The PlayStation 2 Classic Needs To Include.




The lack of Gran Turismo on the PlayStation Classic seems like a massively dropped nut, it was Sony’s main driving game for the longest time. We can only assume it’s down to licensing that it wasn’t added but the third entry in the series was excellent and would be a worthy inclusion.




Rumble Racing was a hell of a lot of fun, it was essentially SSX with cars with a great multiplayer mode. It’s a shame it’s never had a HD port but popping it on a PS2 classic might make up for that somewhat. It would definitely be nice to play it again.




I’ve talked about my love for Okami quite a bit but it’s worth noting it was originally released on the PlayStation 2 so it feels like a good fit here. This is a game that deserves to be played by as many people as possible so having it on another format is a winner.




Ideally they’d shove the first two games on there, seems a little redundant not to do so especially given the battle with the Colossus of Rhodes in the second game. It would also be a decent shout overall as these games were signature exclusives way back when.




Never released in Europe sadly, this would be an excellent RPG addition to the lineup. I love the Suikoden series and not getting to play this was a huge disappointment at the time. One of the nice concepts about classic machines is being able to add some obscure titles people might have missed.




One of my favourite 3D platformers ever created, it’s incredibly well made. This is to be expected from a Naughty Dog game. Like most, I’m not overly keen on the follow-ups but the original is one that’s definitely worth playing and it’s again it’s a key exclusive so feels like a no-brainer.




I’d assume the original SOS (Disaster Report) isn’t massively well remembered but it was good fun. It sees you trying to escape from an island that’s gradually sinking after a natural disaster. It’s never had any kind of digital re-release outside of Japan so would be ideal to include as subsequent releases in the series didn’t quite hit the mark.




Silent Hill 2 is one of the finest examples of the survival horror genre on any platform. It’s got a pretty amazing plot that’s scary as hell and another game originally published on the PS2 and by that correlation makes it an ideal candidate.




Snake Eater was possibly the best story of any Metal Gear game, coupled with unusual restraint from Hideo Kojima makes this my favourite in the series. It also acts as a prequel so plot-wise there’s no game before it, though obviously knowledge of the series is useful.




The original PS2 controller was bad, the analogue sticks were loose and the buttons too spongy. I’d really like to see an improved controller that takes lessons learned and applies them in this instance.

I don’t want an exact replica of what is possibly the worst controller ever made just because of nostalgia and rather something a bit more in line with the PS4 pad, which is superb.


I appreciate lots of games have been missed off for the purpose of making a top ten and because of this here are some honourable mentions for consideration. With a longer list, I would have definitely included games like ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Ratchet & Clank, Resident Evil 4 and GTA: Vice City.

There will no doubt be countless others that I have been completely forgotten about so feel free to correct me in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.

16 thoughts on “The 10 Ten Things The PlayStation 2 Classic Needs To Include

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      1. Awesome post!

        Yeah, I also wish for the said games to make it to The PlayStation 2 Classic. I kinda want GTA Vice City also. The game was so memorable and epic. It’s what made the early 2000’s experience an 80’s culture. Anyway, your number one tricked me. I thought it was a video game that really needs to appear in PS2 Classic. But I agree though, an improved PS2 Controller would be nice.


    1. I think the yearly updates for Fifa would show up a retro inclusion look terrible and I think Sony would go with something like Killzone over Call of Duty


  1. The PS2 Controller is one of the best controllers ever made.

    Sony nailed it right out of the gate and it’s why they barely changed it for many years.

    I find the people that bash the PlayStation 1-3 controllers tend to be fanboys of other consoles.

    Don’t tell me you like the trash GameCube or original Xbox controllers from that era better?

    The GameCube Controller sucked, lacked buttons, horrible tiny d pad, c-stick was dumb.

    The original Xbox Controller was massive, had to break your left thumb to use it, d pad also sucked, and dumb black/white buttons.

    You are nuts for bashing the DualShock 2.


  2. I just think the dualshock 3 is a superior controller and the dualshock 4 is one of the best controllers I’ve used. I think they tried too much with the 2. Nothing to do with other consoles, just the benefit of hindsight in my opinion.


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