Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Video Games


There is no denying it, Pokemon is a global phenomenon. Spanning over two decades and showing no sign of slowing down, it’s now part of everyday culture and ingrained into our beings. Although the game is firmly rooted in the RPG world it hasn’t stopped the developers branching out to broaden its appeal, even letting others take the wheel from time to time. As part of our Pokemon week, we now bring you the Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Video Games Ever!


Pokemon Trozei!


Pokemon Trozei! took the cute characters of the series and turned them into blocks for an all-new puzzle game in a similar vein to the classics Bejewelled or Tetris. The aim of the game was to move the falling Pokemon into lines of four matching icons causing them to disappear. The game was easy to start but took skill to master and featured a number of gameplay modes to add a little variety. Cleverly it had the appeal of a Pokemon title but also acted as an introduction to the characters for people experiencing them for the first time.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky


With the Mystery Dungeon series of spin-off titles, the main hook was being able to play as one of the Pokemon. Explorers of the Sky was the fifth instalment featuring 19 playable characters and 500 other Pokemon to interact with. With a great storyline and stunning finale, you set out on an adventure of exploration and discovery to ultimately save the world from destruction.


Pokemon GO


When Nintendo started to release games on the mobile platform everyone waited with bated breath for a Pokemon game and in 2016 that wait was over, kind of. With the announcement of Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s stock jumped overnight until everyone realised it was Niantic doing all the hard work. To their credit, it was a collaboration. The game was a little underwhelming on initial viewing as all that expected a full-blown RPG experience were given a technically plagued AR game. Over the coming months, the teething issues were ironed out and people on mass began to do something most peculiar – go outside for walks and meet up. By using the phones GPS and a mapping system the free-to-play title populated the real world with our favourite creatures to locate and capture.


Pokken Tournament DX


Originally a Wii U title Nintendo was keen on giving Bandai’s fighter another chance for success by repackaging and rereleasing it on the Switch. This time around it included the additional DLC characters, an exclusive fighter and new game modes all under the DX heading. Pokken plays very much like Power Stone mixed with Tekken but focuses on action and fun gameplay to make it accessible to all. Pokemon going head to head in a battle to see who is victorious, what’s not to like!


Pokemon Snap


1999 gave us our number one spin-off in Pokemon Snap. Originally it was intended to make an appearance on the ill-fated Nintendo 64DD but after numerous delays thankfully it found its home on the N64. Developed by HAL Laboratory it took a refreshing spin on the series telling the story of photographer Todd Snap who is sent on a research mission by the great Professor Oak. Gameplay was limited to an on-rails rollercoaster affair with the goal of photographing as many Pokemon as possible. Players were awarded points at the end of each round dependant on the quality of the photos taken. It was a simple premise, fun to play and one of the first times we got to experience fully 3D Pokemon on a home console.



So there it is, do you agree with our top five? We would love you to tell us about all of the games we didn’t include in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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