Skies of Chaos – Mobile Shmup Beta Test

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Skies of Chaos
Coming Soon
Mobile version tested
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I was happy to be part of the beta testing of Skies of Chaos on mobile. This demo is currently available for iOS and Android. Feedback given from this demo will help the developers fine-tune their game and make adjustments prior to the full release.

There are five totals levels to play, with the final level being a BOSS BATTLE. I enjoyed that the boss was isolated in its own level. You can replay levels to earn money to upgrade your plane if you need a little help. Levels are pretty forgiving because of the health boxes dropped, I only died two or three times total for this demo.

The graphics are colourful, fun, and very pleasing to the eye. They look a sort of 8 or 16-bit style and it’s very fitting to the humour of the game. I won’t spoil it for you, but there are some Star Wars references you will enjoy. It just looks great, that’s all I can say.

Use your finger to pilot your plane across the screen, swipe right to perform a barrel roll. Mobility is not limited to the width of the screen as per most mobile shooters, you can move the width of the screen to the left and right of centre.

Some dialogue was difficult to read because it sort of overlapped the gameplay. It wasn’t enough to hinder the experience but I would have liked the ship to be still instead of allowing me to move and be on the lookout for enemies. I didn’t want to get shot but also wanted to read the humorous text.

Collect coins, gems and weapons in-game and use coins and gems to upgrade your plane after levels are completed. Armour, speed, and weapon can be upgraded. Some enemies you defeat will drop their pilot and if you hover over them for a bit it will give you a drone. Drones are weapon additions that will fly alongside your ship and shoot bullets to create a barrage of chaos.

One thing I particularly disliked was that when you defeat an enemy the entire screen shakes. It feels like you’re the one being hit and causes me to keep looking down at my health to see if I was hit, leaving me vulnerable for attacks. I hope this part of the game is adjusted as it really takes the fun out of blasting your enemies to smithereens.


Final Words:

Overall I was pleased with playing Skies of Chaos and will likely purchase it once released. I was not told the retail price but I would guess it to be around five dollars. The screen shaking took away some satisfaction in killing enemies but there is a chance that will be done away with. I suggest you try this out for yourself and hopefully I can fully recommend it once I’ve played the full version. This was a fun game, thank you for reading.



genericspacerPlatform: Mobile
Release Date: Coming Soon
No. of Players: 1
Category: Arcade, Shooter
Developer: Broxcorp
Publisher: Broxcorp
Twitter: @skiesofchaos
Download link: iOS / Android

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